Whatever, get the vodka

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Charlotte's pov

"Give it back you bafoon!" I yelled chasing alex .

The dick stole my pizza . You never steal a woman's food . Son of a bitch!

"Alex!" I yelled and jumped him.

"Holy shit" justin laughed.

"Thank you" i smiled and grabbed my pizza and went to sit on Aaron's lap.

"Sure you can totally sit on my lap" aaron said sarcastically.

"Thanks babe" i said and ate my pizza.

"Guys let's play a game" Nick said clapping his hands.

"What game?" Luke asked.

"Truth or drink" Nick said.

"I never played that game" i said.

"What?" Nick screamed .

"Dude my ears" Justin groaned.

"Whatever get the vodka" nick said snapping his fingers.

"Who do you think your bossing around?" I asked.

"You bitch now move" he said and i scoffed.

"I'll get it" justin said and got up and left to the kitchen.

"Bring glasses too!" Nick yelled.

I got off aaron's lap and took a seat on the floor next to nick.

"Everyone get their asses on the ground" nick said and the guys grumbled.

"If my butt falls asleep im punching you in the neck" luke warned

"Im not scared of you steriods" nick rolled his eyes and i burst out laughing.

"Steriods? This is pure muscle bitch" luke scoffed.

"Whatever makes you sleep at night" nick snickered.

"Okay stop bickering you little bitches" aaron said .

"You know you guys curse alot" i said .

"So do you" alex said.

"Eh not as much as you lot" i said.

"I have an idea!" Justin yelled throwing me the vodka bottle.

"Speak my lord" aaron said making me snort.

What a bunch of weirdos ...am i right?

"We make a bet where neither one of us can curse and if you lose you gotta give 100 bucks to the winner" justin said.

"So there has to be just one winner?" Nick asked.

"Exactamundo" justin snapped his fingers.

"So the winner gets 500 bucks?" Aaron asked.

"Yes sir" justin nodded.

"Im so in" i smirked.

"Yes me too!" Luke yelled.

The rest of the guys agreed.

No cursing ....this is gonna be fun *note my heavy sarcasm*

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