Beech partyy

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Charlotte's pov

"Charlotte get down here!" Karen yelled.

I groaned and reluctantly got out of bed.

Why do they always disturb my goddamn peace.

"What?" I asked.

"What the fuck happened in the kitchen?" My uncle asked .

"Food happend" i said.

"Don't get smart with me" he growled .

"With all due respect im just gonna ignore everything you said" i said and walked up to my room .

Disturbing my sleep ugggggggh.

My phone rang and i groaned loudly.

Why won't people leave me alone.

"Babe we're going to a beach party!" Luke yelled.

"Im not going i have a date with my tv and my bed" i said.

"Don't be such a party pooper" he yelled.

"Fine I'll come but your buying me a burger on the way" i said.

"Deal" he said and we hung up.

I sighed and got out of bed again .

I did my daily routine and got dressed . I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs.

"Where do you think your going?" My uncle asked.

"Out" i said and slammed the door behind me.

I saw nick's car waiting out front.

"Hey babe" i smiled as i slid into the passenger seat.

"Hey bebe we have to go pick up aaron and luke" he said and drove off

"Yay" i said and plugged my phone into the aux.

"Please don't play a stupid song" he said.

"It's drake ....your boyfriend" i said and his eyes lit up. Drake groupie aisle 9!

"What song it it?" He asked.

"Outta time" i said and pressed play.

"Okay okay okay!" Nick yelled as the song started playing.

"Good right?" I smirked.

"Hell yes you need to send this to me" he said .

"Will do partner" i said.

"Great we're here" nick said stopping infront of aaron's house.

We were about to get out of the car when aaron and luke ran to the car and got in.

"Why are you sitting shotgun?" Luke whined.

"Because im sitting shotgun" i said sticking my tongue out.

"I will rip your tongue out" he said.

"Geez punani stress" nick said and i burst out laughing.

"I wanna sit infront" luke whined.

"Fine geez" i sighed and got out of the car and pulled luke out of the back and shoved him in the front.

"No need to be so rough" luke huffed .

I rolled my eyes and layed my head on Aaron's chest.

"Tired?" Aaron asked and i nodded.

"Stupid karen wouldn't let me sleep" i grumbled.

"You could come stay with me if you want" he said.

I lifted my head from his chest and narrowed my eyes .

"What? Why are you looking at me like that" he asked.

"You barely know me but your inviting me to stay with you?" I asked.

"Pretty much" he nodded.

"Rich people" i mumbled and he chuckled.


"Holy shit this party is amazing" Nick yelled and ran over to the guys.

"Time to get my lady on" luke smirked.

"Yeah go have a slut fest" i said sarcastically.

"Don't hate" he smirked and walked off .

"Welp let's go get drunk" aaron said and threw his arm around me.

"And hookup with strangers" i cheered.

"Yes!" Aaron yelled and i chuckled.

We walked over to a table full of alcohol. I grabbed two cups and handed aaron one.

"This is not enough" he said and grabbed a bottle tequila .

"Dude you can't just take it" i said .

"Who gives a shit" He shrugged.

We walked over to the guys .

"Where did you get that?" Justin asked.

"Table over there" i said .

"Cool" he said and sprinted over to it . Woah never saw someone ran that fast for alcohol.

"Guys im so drunk right now" alex said stumbling over to us.

"We just got here" i said.

"You just got here" alex corrected.

"Well then"i said.

"Hey" a girl smiled rubbing on Aaron's arm.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd thats my cue

"Have fun" i winked and he rolled his eyes.

I walked over to justin and he threw his arm around me.

"Wassup?" He asked.

"The sky" i said and he chuckled.

"Aren't you mad?" Nick asked coming up to us .

"Why would i be mad?" I asked.

"Your man is kissing that bimbo" he said pointing at aaron and a girl kissing.

"His not my man weasel" i said and he groaned.

"I hate you" he grumbled and took my cup and chugged it.

"I love you too" i said .

"Im gonna go get something to drink" i said narrowing my eyes at nick.

I walked over to the table fulled with drinks and poured me vodka with orange juice .

"Hey sexy" a guy smirked.

"Hey dude" i said and sipped on my cup.

"Wanna hookup?" He asked.

"Oh yeah im fine thanks for asking" i said sarcastically.

"Okay" he said and walked away . What ?

"What was that all about?" Aaron asked.

"Nothing , i see you're done sucking face" i said.

"It felt like she was trying to eat me" he chuckled.

"Im pretty sure that was the goal" i smirked .

"I'd rather stand here with you and look all cute" he said putting his arm around my waist.

"People are gonna think we're together" i said.

"Let them" he smirked and kissed my cheek.

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