Cursing game

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Charlotte's pov

"Okay you guys ready?" Aaron asked and we all nodded.

"No cursing starts now" he said.

"Great then im going to class" i said .

"Wait what class ?" Aaron asked.

"History" i said .

"Me too let's go" he said and we walked to the class.

But some douche bumped into me making my books fall.

"Son of a..." i trailed off as aaron raised his eyebrows.

"Son of a biscuit" i said and picked up my books.

"Nice save" he said sarcastically.

"Yeah whatever" i grumbled.

"You could just cave" he smriked.

"And give one of you losers 500 bucks never" i said and he huffed.

"We both know im gonna be the winner" aaron smirked.

"Nobody likes an egotistical pig" i said and he gaped.

"Sorry babe" i smiled and patted his shoulder.

"Do you call everyone babe?" Aaron asked.

"Yupp , problem?" I asked.

"Nope none at all" he smiled.

"Okay than" i said.


"Hello sexy mama" luke winked as a girl walked by our lunch table.

"Shut the fuck up" alex groaned rubbing his temples.

My eyes widened and i jumped onto the table.

"Your out you son of a biscuit" i yelled as everyone looked at me shocked.

"Sweety calm down" nick said pulling me down.

"Im gonna end you suckers" i grinned pointing my fork at them.

"Okay babe" aaron said taking the fork out of my hand.

"Did we break you?" Justin asked concerned.

"Nope already broken" i shrugged.

"Sexy girls" alex coughed.

"Hey there" the head cheerleader purred.

What's this airhead's name ? Gaah i keep forgetting :)

"Sorry what's your name again?" I asked .

"Ashley we knew each other since middle school" she said .

"Hmm don't remember" i shrugged and continued to eat my burger.

"Eww you should try a salad hun" she said taking my burger. Did this twig just take my burger?!!!!

"Okay twig never take my food unless you want me to break those brittle bones you desperate twat" i growled.

"Holy shit" aaron laughed and high fived me.

"Aaron why are you laughing?" The food stealer whined.

"Becuase it was funny" he said in a duh tone .

"Shoo fly" nick said .

"Wait aaron you cursed!" Luke yelled and aaron's eyes widened.

"I did?" he whispered in disbelief .

"Haha your out sucker" alex snorted.

"And then there were 4" nick smirked.

"Uhm hello" twig yelled.

"Ugh your still here?" Nick asked.

"Don't be a dick" twig said.

"Go away before i curse" he said .

She scoffed but left anyway . Food stealing biscuit!

"Wow what a bitch" justin mumbled.

"And your out" i smirked.

"Fuck this cursing game is hard" he groaned.

"Yupp" aaron nodded.

"So aaron, Justin and alex are out that leaves luke , char and me" nick said.

"You are going down" i smirked .

"So scared" luke rolled his eyes.

"I have to take a piss" luke said getting up but bumped into some guy and his spaghetti spilled all over luke .

"Son of a bitch" he cursed .

"Haha your out!" Justin snorted.

Luke glared at us and stormed off . I would be pissed too if someone spilled spaghetti sauce all over my white tee.

Sucks to suck

"Your going down" nick narrowed his eyes .

"Oh choke already" i rolled my eyes.

"I don't have a gag reflex" he smirked and i stuck my tongue out at him.

"Food!" Luke yelled and jumped onto the table .

"Dude what the fuck?!" Nick yelled as fries landed on him .

"And your out sucker!" I yelled .

"Fuck!" They all yelled and threw money on the table.

"Not gonna lie i feel like a pimp" i smriked and grabbed the money and made it rain.

"Im a boss bitch!" I yelled .

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