Dart gun night

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Charlotte's pov

"Honey im home!" Cara yelled .

"In here" i yelled back.

Cara came walking in with dart guns?

"What's with the guns?" I asked amused.

"It's dart gun night" she said .

"That's a thing?" I asked.

"Yupp pretty much" she smiled.

"Cool" i nodded.

She threw me a gun .

"So where are the guys?" I asked.

"Hiding somewhere in the house" she said.

"Wait the game is starting now?" I asked.

"Yupp you might wanna hide" she said .

I grabbed my gun and we hid behind the couch.

"Mom?" Jake called out.

"Shit" cara said aiming her gun .

"Wait i have a clear shot" i said aiming my gun at his groin.

I pulled the trigger and bullseye!!!

"Oh fuck" jake grumbled holding his junk.

"Nice" cara high-fived.

We quickly got up and grabbed Jake's gun and ran off .

"Hold it right there" i heard Aaron's voice.

Cara and i stopped in our tracks and slowly turned around.

"Im your mother how could you" cara said dramatically.

"Oh cut the poop" aaron said making me snort.

"Oh hello gorgeous" aaron smirked.

"Hello enemy" i smiled.

"Hurtful" he said and shot me in the chest.

"Dude!" I yelled .

"Aaron how could you?" Cara yelled .

"Mom your next" aaron smirked.

Cara's eyes widened and she quickly ran off.

"Finally" aaron grinned and grabbed me.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You looked good in my jersey" aaron whispered.

"I look good in anything" i said.

"That's true" he said.

He leaned down and kissed me but stopped suddenly. I looked at him confused.

He fell to the ground and i saw a dart sticking out of his back.

"I win!" Cara yelled doing a victory dance.

"Mom im your son" aaron said in disbelief.

"Whatever go get started on dinner" she said throwing me her gun and i shot aaron in the head.

"Now we're even" i smirked and walked off.

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