You make a stupid human

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Charlotte's pov

"My bitch!" Justin yelled and jumped on me .

"Shit your heavy" i groaned.

"Get off i called dibs" aaron said shoving justin off me.

"What are you in 5th grade?" Justin and i asked.

"Twins!" Justin and i yelled and high-fived .

"Freaky" aaron said threw his arm around me and pecked my cheek.

"You know if you want to win her over you have to buy her food" Nick said joining us .

"Noted" aaron nodded.

"You know me so well" i fake sobbed and hugged nick.

"Okay sweety i have a man" he said and i gaped.

"You replaced me? How could you!"i cried and sunk down to his feet .

"What the hell is happening?" Alex asked as he and luke walked up to us.

"He's not my bae anymore" i cried.

"Okay?" Luke said.

"Okay stop" aaron said and pulled me up.

I glared at nick and buried my head in Aaron's chest.

"Am i only one confused here?" Justin asked.

The rest of the guys raised their hands.

"Hey char can we talk?" Alissa asked.

"Uhm sure" i said and we went and sat by the stairs.

"I went over to your house but you weren't there" alissa said.

"Yeah i dont live there anymore" i said.

"Why what happened?" She asked.

"Nothing happened lissa now leave me alone" i said.

"Fine be that way" she said.

"Oh my gosh what are you doing talking to this loser?" Food stealer gasped.

If you don't know who im talking about its the girl that stole my burger and suggested i eat a salad ....gross!

"I was just making her do my homework" alissa lied.

"Oh well do mine too nerd" food stealer said shoving her books to me.

"What do you think your doing?" Aaron asked joining our lovely conversation.

"Making this loser do our work" food stealer laughed .

"Why are you calling my girlfriend a loser?" Aaron asked.

Im sorry whaaaaaaaaaaat?!

"Your girlfriend?!" The two airheads yelled.

"Yeah so treat her with respect unless you wanna deal with me and the guys" he warned.

"You said you loved me" alissa whispered.

"Yeah that wasn't true" aaron shrugged.

She huffed and stomped.

"You make a stupid couple" food stealer said.

"You make a stupid human" i said and she rolled her eyes and ran to find alissa.

"You okay?" Aaron asked.

"Im fine" i said.

"Let's go" he said grabbing my hand and walking over to the guys.

"What was that all about?" Nick asked.

"Nothing" i shrugged.

"Oh okays well lets get to class" alex said grabbing my hand.

"Yeah ok bye guys" i waved and alex and i walked off to math.

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