Im surrounded by idiots

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Charlotte's pov

"Can i come over?" Nick asked over the phone.

"Yeah my aunt and uncle are out anyway" i said .

"Okay cool" he said and hung up.

I jumped onto the couch and switched on the tv .

Welp im bored .

I ran up to my room and changed into a pair of shorts and a tanktop .

"Well look at this sexy mama" nick smirked as i reached the bottom of the stairs.

"How did you open the door?" I asked.

"I picked it" aaron smiled.

"Nick!" I yelled.

"What did i do now?" He huffed.

"You didn't say you were bringing aaron" i said.

"And justin" aaron added.

"Oops" nick smirked.

"Hey" justin smiled throwing his arm around me.

"Hi justy , im gonna go change real quick" i said.

"No need you look great" aaron said.

"Okay stop eye raping my babe" nick said.

"Shut up nick" justin said.

"In hungry" nick whined and walked to the kitchen.

"Yeah sure make yourself at home " i said sarcastically.

"Thank you!" He yelled .

"Make me toast!" Justin yelled and joined nick in the kitchen.

"Wait you guys know how to make toast?" Aaron asked.

"Wait you don't know how to make toast?" I asked shocked.

"I don't find burning my bread appealing" he said.

"Gosh your such a rich boy" i rolled my eyes.

"Guys i think we burned something" nick yelled.

My eyes widened and i ran into the kitchen with aaron following behind me.

"What did you put in the pan?" I asked .

"Water" justin said.

"Wait you burned water?" Aaron chuckled.

"Okay 1 how is that even possible and 2 why did you put water in the pan?" I asked.

"We wanted to make an omelette" nick said.

"With water?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah" justin nodded.

"Oi" i face palmed.

Im surrounded by idiots ...

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