Your my bitch

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Charlotte's pov

"Babe want popcorn?" Nick asked .

"Yeah sure" i said . He nodded and left.

"What am i invisible?" Jake pouted.

"Holy shit how long where you sitting there?" I asked .

"Ha ha very funny" he rolled his eyes and i smirked.

"Go ask him for popcorn" i said.

"So you and aaron could do the nasty hell no" he shook his head.

"Seriously?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah i already caught you guys once" Jake said.

"You caught us kissing" i said.

"Same shit" he shrugged.

"No not really" aaron said.

"Whatever" jake rolled his eyes and turned his head to the tv.

"Hi" aaron smiled.

"What do you want?" I asked suspiciously.

"Why would i want something?" He asked batting his eyelashes.

I gave him a look and he sighed.

"Fine can i have kiss" he smiled.

"No" i said and he gaped.

"Why not?" He whined.

"I don't feel like making out infront of your brother" i said.

"Yeah what she said" jake interrupted.

"Shut up" aaron said hitting him on the head with a pillow.

"Im back bitches" nick said handing me a bowl of popcorn.

"Where's mine?" Jake pouted.

"Im not your bitch go make you" nick said sitting down on the beanbag.

"Wow" jake gasped.

"And for your information you are my bitch" jake said and walked out.

"What the fuck was that?" Aaron asked.

"Salty over popcorn" nick shrugged.

"Speaking of bitches how is tony?" Aaron asked.

"Who you calling a bitch?" Nick asked.

"Sorry the dickbag" aaron smiled.

"Im confused you have beef with tony?" I asked.

"They hated each other since freshmen year" nick said.

"That's news" i said.

"Enough about the bitch" aaron said pulling me on top of him.

"What are you doing" i laughed.

"Im bored now give me a kiss" he said puckering his lips.

"Oh barf" nick gagged.

I leaned down and pecked his lips and quickly got off.

"Use protection!" Cara yelled.

"Im pretty sure here's hidden camera's" nick said.

"There is" aaron said.

"Wait what?" I asked.

"Im joking babe calm down" he chuckled.

"Okay lay it down" nick said turning to us .

"What?" I asked.

"Are you guys fucking dating or not?" He yelled.

"Yeah we wanna know!" I heard jake yell.

I rolled my eyes. Crazy people.

"We're not dating" aaron said.

"And yet you keep making out" jake said walking in and taking a seat opposite nick.

"Last time i checked it was none of your business" i said.

"Okay but bro a word of advice you might wanna lock it up before someone steals it" jake said.

"Im guessing im the 'it'" i rolled my eyes.

"You guessed right" jake winked.

"Shut up" i said hitting him with another pilow.

"Oww that hurt" he whined and threw me with popcorn.

"Yeah well don't say stupid shit" i said .

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