Cool it miley cyrus

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Charlotte's pov

"Hey can i come in?" Aaron asked.

"Come in" i said .

He closed the door behind him and layed down next to me.

"So what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing just felt like spending time with my girlfriend" he smiled.

"Who said i was your girlfriend?" I asked.

"You did when you were on a sugar rush" he said.

"Okay 1 when did this happend and 2 i was clearly under the influence so why take my words to heart" i said.

"Okay 1 when my mom brought us shakes from milky lane and 2 hurtful" he pouted.

"You have to ask a girl out babe" i said patting his cheek.

"Oh get together already!" Jake yelled barging into my room.

"Were you eavesdropping?" I asked.

"Duh" he said and plopped down on one of the bean bags.

"Okay then" i said and shifted my gaze back to my book.

"What are you reading?" Jake asked grabbing the book out of my hand.

"Don't be a dick" i said grabbing it .

"Your a stephan king fan?" Aaron smirked.

"Yeah what's it to you?" I asked.

"Aaron has a perfect girlfriend theory" jake said.

"badboy football captain playboy momma's boy say whaaaaat?" I laughed.

"Cool it miley cyrus" aaron said shoving me.

"Lay it down jack" i said.

"Okay the perfect girlfriend for him would be she's not super girly and not easy to get with , likes books and horror movies" jake said.

"Is there more?" I asked.

"There is but im too lazy to explain" he shrugged.

I huffed and shoved him off the bean.

"Enough with the violence" aaron said.

"Seriously you litterly shoved me a minute ago" i said.

"That was in the past you need to move on" he said.

I shoved him so hard that he fell off my bed.

"That actually hurt" he groaned .

"Good now get out" i said.

"Yeah jake leave" aaron said throwing himself ontop of me.

I groaned at the impact. Fuck guys are heavy

"Fine i don't wanna see you guys makeout since thats all you do" jake said .

"Atleast we get to makeout!" Aaron yelled after him.

"So what are you planning?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I thought you were gonna ask me to be your girlfriend" i smiled.

"Wait you want me to plan something to ask you out" he asked.

"Pretty much" i nodded.

His eyes widened and he quickly ran out .

I chuckled and got back to my book.

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