"No need to pity me"

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Charlotte's pov

"Char!" Alissa yelled running up to me.

"What do you want lissa i need to get home" i said.

"I just wanted to know if we could still be friends" she asked.

"No need to pity me anymore lissa im good" i said .

"Im sorry okay" she yelled.

"Thanks for the apology but im good now i have to get home" i said and walked away.


I sighed and opened the door and saw my uncle and aunt waiting for me.

"Where were you?" My aunt screeched.

"At school you know the place you go to learn ever heard of it?" I asked.

"Don't get smart with me" Karen glared .

I rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs.

"Shut up karen!" I yelled and slammed my door .

No they don't abuse me no way in hell will i let them . They're just mean ...little bitches

I facetimed the guys .

"I need answers" i said .

"About what?" Justin asked.

"English homework pretty please" i said showing them my puppy dogg eyes.

"We don't do homework" aaron said and i huffed.

"Thanks for nothing bitches" i said.

"Who you calling a bitch?" Nick asked offended.

"You bitch" i said.

"So wanna hang on saturday?" Alex asked.

"In down" i nodded . The rest of the guys agreed and decided to make it a sleepover.

"Do anyone of you have any girls in your life?" I asked.

"Nope" nick said .

"I do but she's two" justin said.

"I love babies!" I shrieked.

"Don't yell!" Luke groaned.

"Fine whatever I'll see you tomorrow" i said and hung up.

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