3. Ride home

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Time for my first car ride home with Daniel...

I just like always knock on his door pushing it open right after sending him a small smile seeing him behind his desk working on his laptop.

"Hey. Come in. You can either help me work or just chill." He looks over to the corner of the room where I'm confused seeing a sofa that definitely wasn't there before.

"That's new." I point out to him wondering to it to dump down my bag and coat.

"Yeah. I didn't think that chair would be comfy for you to hang out in everyday until I'm finished working. I can't expect you to be working alongside me until six everyday. Especially not when you are always here before me too." He tells me his eyes not moving from his laptop screen though clearly busy.

"Thanks. You didn't have to." I say heading to him grabbing the back of the chair I'd been on up until now trying to lift it to carry it to him but it being too heavy so instead I slightly just to take the weight off the floor as I drag it towards him putting it near him then taking a seat looking at what he was doing. "What you working on?" I ask being a little nosey I know but he said I was here to shadow him.

"I'm looking at numbers of sales and comparing it to similar companies plotting it and trying to work out the difference to see how we measure up." I hum an okay us both staying silent as I sat just watching him input figures into columns and then flick between pages to other sources finding their numbers then back to the chart he was making adding them too.

"Hang on." I stop him after a long while. "What's that mean?" I ask pointing to where he had just wrote in PMPS.

"Profit margin per sale. So how much profit we make on each sale." He explains it quickly making sense.

"So you make almost twice as much profit on our clothing line than Jesters?" I'm shocked to see.

"Yeah but less than Brokers." He seems to sigh disappointed in himself.

"But if we can get the deal with them like we spoke about in the meeting today..." I drag on trying to lighten his mood again.

"Then it'll boost sales for sure. The more we produce the more profit in each item." He goes on.

"What about advertisement? I see there's all the time on TV on the bus even? Ours almost never? What's that about?"

He looks down at me sat beside him just blankly staring before he starts smiling at me. "Allistair you are awesome. I never even thought about that! We could get more billboards those are cheap enough. Newspaper advertising is also really cheap... we haven't got to invest tons in fancy TV ads." His excited suddenly it boosting my confidence that he was listening to my ideas seeming to think they would even help.

"Right let me finish up here and we can call it a night." He grins turning back to type a few more figures in. While I wait for him to be done I go grab my jean jacket getting it on and fastened then my bag slung over my shoulder checking to see if Daniel was looking as I quickly checked my phone unsure if I would be allowed to or not. His paying me to be here in theory still working but I'm waiting for him to he done and he gave me the option to chill out anyway...

My Dad had left me a message just minutes earlier asking where I was. I checked the time seeing if I'd of gotten the bus home at four like I normally would of I should of been home twenty minutes ago even if the traffic was bad. For some reason I didn't want to tell my Dad yet that my boss was giving me a ride home.

I wouldn't usually lie to him but a little white lie today wouldn't hurt, unless Daniel turned out to be a murder who kills me tonight but in that case I'd told Rona so she would know to tell people it was him and anyway his building has security cameras they would see me leave with him. Why am I worrying his going to kill me? Dramatic.

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