15. Carried away

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It probably takes me half and hour to get showered and dressed then finding my toothbrush and plopping it into my mouth as I patted down my old work trousers to find my phone. Daniel had messaged he was on the street behind mine. I wasn't sure exactly where but I'd find him. I typed a message back that I was almost ready, spitting the toothpaste into the sink putting my phone away to finish up.

"I'm going Dad." I call as I get to the bottom of the stairs going over to find some shoes to match my outfit. I'm wearing black skinny jeans and a black and grey checked flannel deciding to go for my white air force Nike's.

"Don't you think you will be cold?" My Dad's voice asks as he comes and leans on the wall nearby.

"Nah I'll be fine." Daniel was giving me a ride there and I'd probably get a taxi home so no point in taking a jacket if I won't even be outside.

"So where is he?" I look over at him confused. "The guy who drops you home. Your boss?"

I roll my eyes. "Working. I got a taxi home when I finished." I lie.

I'm not sure if he believes me but he drops the matter. "I have to go. See you later Dad, well it'll be late so probably tomorrow."

"No drinking Allister. After last time you're lucky I'm letting you out understand? It's only because it's your birthday I'm saying yes." His serious now.

"I know Dad. Thanks. Love ya." I tell him opening the front door.

"Are you walking? I can drive you?" He stands looking out onto the street with me.

"It's fine Dad. See you." I wave as I leave walking with my head down until the end of the street before turning back to check if he was still watching glad he wasn't because I had to turn to the next road where Daniel said he was waiting.

His car is super easy to spot as soon as I round the corner. I pat myself down glad that I knew I smelt good for once, always thinking about if I smelt whenever around him usually thanks to riding the bus every morning.

I open the door seeing him jump to face me his face very serious before it eases seeing me. "Sorry. How long did I take?" I slip into the seat turned to face him.

"Not too long. You look cute." He grins his eyes all over me.

"Thanks." I shyly whisper. "I'm ready. I need to go over by the big superstore Asda? You know the one? I can give you directions then from there."

"Yeah I know. Seatbelt." He reminds me as he starts driving away.

"Fuck." I curse finding my phone. "I was meant to charge this." I realise seeing I only had twenty percent battery.

"Language mister. Here..." Eyes glancing from the road he grabs a wire from the dash in front of my legs handing it to me. "Plug it here." He explains poking a part of his centre console where I looked seeing a USB port.

"Thanks. If my phone died I'd be screwed if my Dad tried contacting me." I tell him grateful as I plug it in. "So no alcohol?" I ask mostly just to wind him up. He shoots me an unamused look it turning to a smile as he shakes his head no.

"Anyway you're young. Surely you can have fun without getting drunk?" He asks.

"Yeah I guess..." I trail off. "Like having sex. I don't need to be drunk for that." I tease.

"Well I can't tell you not to do that I guess but... don't do that." He looks to me again making me smile and look out the window happy that he even cares. "If you need anything tonight just call me. I don't mind."

"Thanks but I will be just fine. I've had plenty of parties at my friends house's. Usually we have a little to drink, never much because we can't get our hands on it. We then play some dumb game like spin the bottle, someone gets mad and leaves early so we end the game and then all crash in living room to watch a film. The night then ends about midnight and I will get a taxi home." I explain to him how this normally works it probably not being any different tonight.

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