28. No stick

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“Half hour more Allister.” He reminds me as again my concentration slips and he notices me staring into space.

I tip my head back with a noise of displeasure to show what I think of his words. We had been working non stop almost all day.

From when we came in here at nine this morning until one when he let me take a rest to eat and use the restroom as well as have forty minutes without my glasses on even them now able to cause a headache somehow, most probably because I never usually have to focus for this long. At almost one we got back to work and it was now half five the fay dragging even if I’d enjoyed the majority of it.

Other than this morning we had behaved... kind of.

We were way too flirty and made a hell of a lot of innuendos to each other. We looked at each far too much and he made plenty of treats to bend me over again every time backing out probably scared that he really would hurt me if he hit me again seeing how I’d been wincing all day trying to hide how much my ass was stinging still. I just knew it would be more bruised today than it ever had in my life. Even more than that one time I fell right onto my ass when roller-skating, poorly.

“If you can keep up for half an hour I promise to give you a ride home how about that?” He bribes me and of course it works making me sit upright again and stare back at the papers on the table, our final lay out for the advertisement then to the computer to check the copy we had made was the same ready to be sent to higher the chain.

“I think it’s done.” I tell him honestly but also over this like I had been for the past hour. His days were just as long as mine in hours but a million times harder. Plus there was something about knowing it was getting late that made it worse. It must be dark out, its usually just begining to turn dusk when I’ve been leaving these past few days at four so now it was six I’m guessing it would be dark by now. The clocks had changed these past few days too meaning when last week it was only sunset it would now in theory be an hour later. I’d be alone in the dark with him...

I guess I had been when we was on our date the other day and that went fine.
I trusted him anyway. Hell I’d slept at his house.

I wanted to be alone with him. Yes you could say I’ve had him alone all day but it isn’t the same as being away from this office. Outside of our profession more ourselves.

“Yeah? If you really wouldn’t change anything.” He decides to let me have final say like he had with a lot on this page. I second guess myself.

“I think. I mean what do you think really?” I check with him.

“I think you’ve done outstanding. You should be proud of yourself. I am.” He genuinely smiles to me making me for the billionth time today blush shyly. “Right I will send it off then. You get your things together and wait for me okay?” His asking me without saying the words if this is what I wanted. To go home with him and break the final thing that was stopping us from being how we had been before we thought we had been caught and called his off.

“Yep. Shall I get your jacket?” I want to be helpful. He looks up from the computer beaming at me.

“Thank you Allister.” He sounds happy.

All afternoon he'd only called me Allister not Mr Voss. I did like it. It made me feel special to him, like I wasn’t just another employee. I knew I wasn’t to him. Even with my self doubt it was evident that we were different. I was different.
I skip across the office to collect everything together like he said, dumping everything into my backpack and sliding on my jean jacket before heading to the more private part of his room where the toilet room is tucked out of sight and he had his little coffee station along with some wall hooks that I never used just tossing my coat over the back of his sofa.

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