29. While I'm away

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I bound down the stairs already more than ready for my day just raring to see Daniel even if I already knew we wouldn't be seeing each other all day like we had yesterday. I hoped we would hang out a little at least. Maybe even I would get to stay behind after work and get another ride from him.

My Dad is meeting me at the bottom raising a sceptical eyebrow at me.

"Your little mood over now?" He knows. Yesterday after I got home I was able to put on a bad attitude look as I called I was going for a bath knowing if he knew I was happier since being with Daniel all day he was bound to be suspicious of us again in future.

I shrug as I slip my feet into my shoes tugging on the laces resting my ass on the bottom step, needing to keep my head low so my Dad didn't see how I screwed up my face at the pain I felt sitting down.

I was right in thinking it would be bruised seeing it as I waited on my bath again only it also was speckled with blood spots on my left side from how raw he had made it by hitting the same spot two days in a row. Still I found it hot. Like a more extreme version of a love bite. I tossed off in my bath, regretting it when the cum swirled around me in the water meaning I rushed to get out trying to avoid it.

"Well I got a letter this morning." He begins. I stand mumbling a yeah waiting for him to continue and finish this up so I can get off eager even if I would have to wait another two hours when at the office for Daniel to arrive and me be able to take him his coffee.
"For you. They want you to go to your check up at the doctors." He explained.

"Why?" I complain. "I am well. I don't need to be looked at by doctors."

"I know but I don't remember the last time you saw a doctor for a once over and after what happened at your work party, the stupid hospital event you could do with it just to make sure it hasn't left any damage." He tells me straight him already decided more clear when he tells me his made me an appointment already.

"When for?" I sigh.

"Monday. Ask your boss today for some time off to attend it. It's at ten forty."

"Dad. That's the worst possible time." I groan. "No point in me going in at seven to have to leave at nine to get to the doctors then have to go back in after the appointment for a couple hours again. That will be so much travel." I huff more than mad at him for taking it upon himself to arrange. I was capable of making a doctors appointment after all the appointments I attended and reminded people about at work on the daily.

"I will drive you. I need to be there with you anyway." He grabs my jean jacket for me to tell me this conversation was over with.

"What? No! Why?" I snap more.
"You are still a minor. I deserve to know everything they say about you. Also like I say I need to make sure you are fine after the drugging."

I roll my eyes. Drugging... It was a spiked drink that only knocked me out probably like a date rape drug, I didn't see that as a drugging. That sounds like he forced me to inject heroin.

"Tell your boss Al. Now go before you're late." He pushes me to the door.

I regret letting him get the better of me as I step out into the cold morning air again in only my jean jacket he had given me. I was too stubborn to turn back to get anything else though so hurried to the bus stop instead.

"Good Morning Mr Voss." He happily greets me as I open his door with his coffee him not even looking up from his desk or me even speaking. He knew it was me.

"Sir." I hardly speak anxious everybody outside his office would hear my happiness that would over spill into my words. The receptionist was there again already as well as two people I'm guessing waiting to speak with him this morning and somebody stood at the receptionists desk arranging something with her. I didn't need that many people judging us again.

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