12. Find a way to entertain yourself

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I exhale slowly breathing the day away. Today had been busy but tedious not having any meetings with Daniel meaning my day consistent of boring around the office jobs, mainly all paperwork stuff meaning by the time I was finished at four my head was pounding and all I wanted was to sleep.

I set my bag down on the desk and dig through it hoping I had some painkillers somewhere that would help make the next hour with Daniel more bearable especially if he wanted me to help him with more work... now was one of those times that working over didn't appeal no matter how much money I'd be making for it. But then again getting the bus home was less ideal and I would be home around the same time with no extra cash to show for it. Plus if I told Daniel I didn't want a ride today he might stop offering altogether.

Unfortunately for me there were no tablets in my bag so instead I put my glasses on regretting not doing it sooner. I slung my bag over my shoulder and said goodbye to Rona who looked up from her computer and smiled a see you tomorrow.

I pulled my phone out to check for any new messages as I walked to Daniel's office it only being a short distance down the corridor. Once there I pocketed my phone and pushed my way inside without a knock knowing I wouldn't be interrupting anything because he wouldn't have company this late and he had nothing scheduled that might of run over time. Only as I looked up hearing laughing I was taken a back to see his cousin was still in the room from this morning...

"S-sorry. I should..." I let out a sigh to try control myself as I didn't want to sound like a bumbling idiot. "I should of knocked." I look from Hunter to Daniel finally our eyes meeting as his already staring at me the smile on his face looking over the top. How could he be so happy to see me? Maybe he just found funny how ridiculous I sounded.

"It's fine. Hunter that's Allister. His the intern you met this morning. His really great at his job." Daniel introduces me.

"Ahhh cool." He nods looking me up and down as it falls silent.

"Oh um I was just coming to say I'm finished Sir." I tell Daniel, not trying to wind him up this time by calling him Sir just wanting to seem professional.

"Yeah we are done here too right?" He turns to Hunter who laughs.

"I feel like I'm in some weird porno." He laughs more. "I do not want to be part of this. Yes we are done here. Talk to you tomorrow Danny about the weekend?"

"Yeah man. Be good to have a real catch up. Sorry I've been too busy today." For a second I don't know what to do. Is Daniel kicking him out so he can continue with me how we would have or should I just leave? Am I making this more suspicious by just standing around if I was only coming to tell him I was going home like I'd excused? Did his cousin already sense something that's why he said he felt like he was in porn? Were we the typical boss and young intern staged thing?

"It's nothing. You're a busy guy." With that he looks back over to me and smiles it spreading until he couldn't hold in another laugh. "We definitely will be talking... Night though." He tells Daniel before heading out the office cracking another smile at me as he walked by me.

"He knows." Daniel says bluntly as he is suddenly beside me shutting the door giving us privacy.

"He knows what exactly?" I ask shrugging my bag off my shoulder putting it down at my feet. He takes ages to say anything at first just staring at me.

"Why do you have to look so adorable? I mean the glasses too? Really?" He ignores my question. I blush turning away from him heading to his sofa.

"I have such a headache. What does he know about us?" I again ask just wanting to hear him say something is between us.

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