30. The physical

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I'm scared stiff as I sat staring at the walls inside the doctors waiting room reading random posters that were plastered around the place just trying to avoid stressing too much over the inevitable questions I was about to be asked. Them embarrassing enough to admit to let alone in front of my Dad who one hundred per cent was about to loose it when he finds out.

Why did I need him here?

I'm seventeen. I'm sure I could of visited a routine check up alone. I didn't need him to treat me like a child still, sure he only wanted to come as his way of keeping a close eye on me. I'd tried convincing him all weekend and on the drive here I'd be fine alone but he just wouldn't take no for an answer.

Fuck this.

I stand my nerves too much making my leg bounce sure that my Dad was watching and already knowing something was up.

"Allister Voss." I don't know if I was glad to hear my name being called across the waiting room or not. Either way I look to my Dad then head the way we were needing to go, him closely following.

The room was cold, white and everything made of hard plastic made to look like wood or fake white leather. I frown even less happier as I take a seat beside his desk my Dad introducing himself as he shakes the guys hand.

"So Allister..." The doctor who looked to be in his early thirty smiles to me leaning forward on his elbows. He was cute for a doctor actually it easing me ever so slightly until I realise I will be telling this gorgeous man as well as my Dad my sex life history and many other embarrassing personal details he asks. "How you feeling today?"

"Fine." I mutter surprised when it makes him smile wider.

"You're fine hey? Good that's not what I'm used to hearing." He laughs "So let's jump right in shall we? Couple things to check today and then you won't need to visit again until necessary." His typing on his computer then looking back to me. I nod.

"Shall we start with the basics? We will check your eyes ears and throat first." He explains pushing his chair out from his desk as he looks for his equipment. "While I find everything- Dad is there anything you're concerned about or want to ask?" He speaks whilst he pulls draws out getting out things I couldn't name but knew what they were; little magnifying glasses with a torch on.

"Not really. His been quiet recently but think it's his age." My Dad tells him.

"Okay Allister let's do your throat first. Say ahh." He tells me. I do as he says just wanting all this to be over with not sure why you have routine appointments if you are feeling well enough. He looks down my throat before pulling away and humming. "Eyes." He says moving back slightly. "Look up." He says pointing the light into my eyes before telling me left right and down checking me every tine he did. "Great. Now ears." He rolls his chair getting closer than ever as he leans right against my side to look down my right here, humming perfect before doing the same to my left. He smelt great...

"Very good. You're right Allister you seem in fine health. What's your secret?" he laughs but I don't. Over this. He senses I'm not amused deciding to get on with the rest of the appointment pushing his seat well away from me my Dad cutting him off before he could continue.

"His drink got spiked by something a few weeks back. I guess I'm still worried it could be bothering him and he doesn't know it." My Dad confesses. The doctor hums looking at his computer then doing some typing and scrolling in silence.

"It shouldn't be. He had fluids administered and was discharged without needing any follow ups." He re tells my Dad as if he wasn't there.

"What were you doing drinking Allister?" I roll my eyes at him. He didn't know me. He was already judging me maybe even assuming the spike was my fault. It could have been but I didn't need him looking at me how he was. As if he had never done anything like it in his life.

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