35. I will be careful

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"I can grab you some boxers if it'll help?" He notices how I tuck the house coat between my legs to protect myself a little as I adjust how I was sat on his sofa. He had given me a small house tour after we came inside and tot dressed him back in something similar only this time shorts not joggers.

After he showed me around we went to his kitchen where he fixed us up some quick food, some microwave chips coating the load in ketchup. We munched them in minutes stood at the kitchen counter before crashing on his sofa fresh drinks ready to watch a film.

We were part way in and my Dad hadn't long messaged to check on me. I knew we wouldn't be ending our night anytime soon so excused that we had just picked a film and it was a long one hoping it would buy us some more time. He replied with a simple have fun message probably assuming I was with Ryder not yet knowing anything about our disagreement weeks ago. After all Friday move nights were something we did a lot in previous months.

"I'm fine really." I look from the film to him. "Stop looking!" I giggle with a blush as he stares at my lap.

"Sorry but you are distracting me!" He sits up angling himself to face me on his sofa, his knee on it between us again he glances down.

"Sir. I don't think you are being appropriate." I flirt with him. He groans and falls backwards agaisnt the arm of the sofa then further back arching over it.

"God help me." He mumbles.

"Is there a problem?" I push teasing.

"If I do something now heaven forgive because I have gave all I have and this boy is killing me. He will make me sin I just know it." He speaks to thin air making me smile more. I was so tempted to crawl over to him then over him but I was too shy for that this already out of my comfort zone in terms of dirty talk to try be sexy and lead him on.

He sits up and locks eyes on me.

**smut warning**

"Yes. A huge problem." He says honestly then reaches down and grabs hold of his cock through his shorts dragging it to the surface to show how hard he was. The answer extremely. I grow at the sight not believing how forward he was being.

"That is huge." I swallow unable to remove my eyes from his dick. It must have been that big last time but now looking I was reminded of why he wanted me to practice with toys before he fucks me.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." He nods to my lap. I feel nervous again suddenly. He was waggling his at me inside his clothing and no matter how badly I did want this it was scary still.

He was yet to see my naked cock... what if there was something wrong with it I didn't know about?

He'd already told me I was a good enough size I remembered that so one leas thing to be self conscious of but I had many other insecurities too.

"If you want..." He lets go of himself to not seem so eager trying to lesson any pressure I was feeling. It helped.

I reach for him placing my hand gently on his thigh sliding it up towards his shorts leg then dipping it inside and higher. I look up and see just as he closes his eyes as my fingers find his bare cock. His mouth parts as I take a hold of it angling it down so it poked from out his shorts just the head visible.

I imagine again sucking it.

"What are you doing?" He breaths out. I love the sound of his words them so jagged already.

"Just playing." I whisper.


"Mr Voss... Sir please." I correct him it making him growl.

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