6. Drink up

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I didn't find Rona but I did come across a guy I'd ate lunch with once last week. He wasn't too bad actually, he told me he started here too as a school intern a couple years ago. At the time I really wanted to ask him if he had found Daniel to be a little too friendly for a boss only I had no idea how I'd even bring that up...

Now though weather how much more desperately I wanted to know or just because the alcohol made it so I didn't care it was pretty much the first thing that left my mouth as we spoke.

"No? He was normal man. I mean a great boss but normal... why?" He seemed a little confused.

I almost brushed it off telling him never mind feeling stupid like maybe I was looking too much into things but then it just blurted out of me as if to just be sure of it.

"So he never like gave you rides home or asked you what underwear you had on?"

"What underwear?" He gasped with a huge laugh following him sounding majorly amused by my question. "No. I'm straight. His straight isn't he?"

"I don't know... maybe I'm being stupid..." I try forgetting about it.

"Well I heard his taken a liking to you. Never has he ever asked me to go to a meeting with him." He tells me almost sounding jealous. I just shrug acting like I didn't care when actually I was glad he hadn't. Also glad he'd never been so seemingly flirty with him either. "So you're gay?" He asks almost out of nowhere taking me off guard. I hadn't long ago came out so admitting to people I was into guys was still difficult for me. I just wasn't used to it nor ready to hear their judgement. So when I opened my mouth I was expecting no to be the answer and me lie to him thinking he would probably never find out anyway only instead I admitted that I was simply saying yes. I had for sure had too much too drink too quickly.

"So am I attractive?" He waggles his eyebrows at me. I give him a quick once over not even feeling guilty that I was scrutinizing him from the way his eyebrows were a little overgrown and his teeth crooked.

"Yeah... I guess so." I decide eventually it being his eyes that won me over them being such a bright piercing blue.

"Awwww thanks. Now you know Racheal?" He asks luckily for me he points to a girl standing nearby further helping by telling me the brunette. "I've been crushing on her for weeks... I know she's older than me but do you think I should go for it tonight?" I take a good look at the girl in question. She was pretty. Big bold fluttery eyes, big chest, small waist, quite petite... average what guys find attractive these days.

"I mean why not? How would you know if you don't try." I laugh, encouraging him.

"Okay you're right. I will go for it." He stands a bit straighter as if getting ready to stroll right over there. "You know Sean is gay right? Have you met Sean?"
I can't say I'm surprised. He had a little something about him that made me wonder. I just hadn't thought it mattered.

"Yeah his older than me though."

"Yes but my Dad is almost ten years older than my Mom and that's never been an issue." He shares. "I think his only about twenty four."

"That's still about six years older than me?" I take a random guess at the age gap not sure if it was even right laughing that he was still trying to make me feel I should try it with him.

"Isn't anything wrong with an age gap. That's all I'm saying." He claps me on my shoulder. "Have a fun night." I mumble him too but his confused my head making it go into overdrive. Clearly he meant Sean but how much of an age gap is appropriate?

I'd waited around an hour, maybe a little less after speaking to him before I had built up enough courage to head into the kitchen to find both Daniel and a drink not wanting to just help myself. To my disappointment though he wasn't in there anymore. I looked around, standing just watching people for a few minutes noticing a couple of them going into the fridge helping themselves to alcohol eventually me doing the same copying the drink that he made me only testing it once made deciding I'd be okay with it a little stronger, topping it up with more of the rum just until it was almost unbearable. I didn't want to get drunk but I liked how I was feeling before, able to speak so freely. Those effects though had started to wear off and I'd began getting bored of being too shy to speak to the people here.

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