26. Unexceptable

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**smut throughout**

I have to admit it, I'm jealous when we get back to his office after the meeting and we see Zack waiting outside of it for us, well him really. He stands as we approach his mouth opening I'm guessing to begin apologising but Daniel stops him by ordering him into his office his voice just as firm as he has been with me. He then turns to me.

"Excuse us Mr Voss. You did good again today. Can you have those on my desk by the end of today?" He asks looking to my papers which these past two times we've had a meeting I've then typed up for him after, scared he wouldn't be able to read my writing. Plus he sometimes has to send copies to other people and even if he was fine with my writing it looked better typed.

"Sure." I agree.

"Great. Oh and tomorrow you can sleep in later. Be at my office for nine though. We have important work to be doing. Bring lunch because I'm not sure if you will get a real break." He tells me seriously. I nod unable to not look to Zack inside his office waiting. He huffs a laugh before telling me to have a good day.

The first thing I always do once back to my desk after a meeting is check my phone which I always leave behind, needing to make sure I hadn't missed anything important whilst away from it.

Today was the first time though I had any notifications. A missed text from... Daniel. My heart rate picks up as I check the time it was sent, two minutes ago then open it to read it.

D: Dont worry I will go easy on him
Compared to how I do you anyway;)

I ignore it locking my phone and slumping to my seat winching at the pain I'd somehow forgotten it worse after sitting still for almost two hours in the meeting.

I was looking forward to tomorrow... hopefully able to get to Daniel the way he does me. If this morning had anything to show he would make it easy. Him already seeming worked up by me.

I take my lye in just as he promised me, getting the bus into work and heading straight for his office. Ten minutes early, annoyed when I'm told he hadn't arrived yet and I'd need to wait outside his office for him. I take a seat staying polite anyway hoping my eagerness didn't come across like I was desperate to be alone with him like I was. Not needing to give anybody anymore reason to gossip about us.

Only minutes later he walks through the doors laptop bag on his shoulder and adjusting his tie, today looking different because he wore a coat over his suit something he had never worn before it flapping open as he walked with purpose his eyes quickly landing on me.

"Ahhh what a pleasant change to the kid being late yesterday. Just shows how age has nothing to do with professionalism. You may only be two years older than him Mr Voss but you being early proves to me your dedication. Come. Let's get a start on." He beams across the floor as he walks across the room then opens his office door waiting for me.

I follow him inside glad when he at least shut the door.

"I couldn't exactly be late when you gave me almost an extra two hours in bed." I tell him usually beginning work at seven.

"Did you take full advantage of the time to sleep?" He asks as he goes behind his desk opening his bag. "Or did you use the time for other things?" He looks up at me. I know exactly what his getting at.

"I slept." I promise him. "What shall I do?" I ask feeling like a spare part standing waiting for him.

He laughs briefly. "You need your glasses for computer stuff or just writing?" He asks.

"Concentrating." I honestly tell him. He smiles wider.

"Perfect. Always around me then yes?" He teases me. "Come. Log me on whilst I get some work out." He points to his laptop. I go right to it but stand staring as it wants a password.

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