21. Stains

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I walk inside Daniel's office that next morning to deliver his coffee with a pip in my step happy to see what the day brings the only thing on my mind being do I shut the door behind me to give us some privacy... The answer is given to me as he orders for me to without even looking up from his desk.

Had I done some wrong?

I shut the door keeping my back to him for a few seconds while I caught my breath trying to not seem suddenly so nervous. When I turned back around he was standing grinning widely at ne confirming we were fine.

"You scared me with the oh so serious voice." I smiled walking towards him as he rounded his desk.

"Sorry." He chuckles. "It was just for prying ears. They know I'm never this happy in the morning." He explains.

"Not before your coffee anyway." I tease holding out his cup for him.

"Exactly." His in an exceptionally good mood this morning actually. The smile on his face huge as he comes closer to me. "I'm glad you're back today. Yesterday sucked. I had a meeting and had to do it alone. Rona took notes but she isn't as pretty on the eyes as you." He tells me as finally he stops just ahead of me still not taking the coffee the heat now radiating through the cardboard cup making me shift it to the other hand.

"Well thanks. I'm sure you aren't Rona's type either. Or at least she isn't yours..." I trail. He hums in agreement his eyes going down over me as if to make a point that I'm his type.

"You know I told my cousin about you yesterday." He changes the subject crossing his arms over his chest making his biceps look confined in his navy long sleeve shirt.

"I thought we couldn't tell people?" I almost gasp not believing him.

"Yeah well I trust him..." He shrugs his shoulders.

"What exactly did you tell him then?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Well that I like you but I'm a little conflicted because of your age..." He cuts right to it.

"And let me guess he sided with you?" I almost sigh. I should of known it wasn't the case though or else he wouldn't of been in such a good mood this morning.

"The contrary. He actually said pretty much the same as you. We aren't doing anything illegal so I should get to know you. See how it goes." His smile grows as he remembers his friends words.

"The only thing he did say was we shouldn't do anything... serious... until we know for sure." He tries not being crude. "Only I told him it was a little too late for that and he laughed and told me there's my answer. If I can't stop us already then it's worth giving it a try."

I wish I'd of had some great answer for him or in the least something other than the word fuck as finally the coffee got too hot seemingly out of nowhere, perhaps because I wasn't thinking about it as he spoke, and it began burning my fingers. He laughs and goes to take it from me realising but it's too late as I let it go then try catching it so it wouldn't drop all on his floor once again resulting in me being covered in hot coffee it seeping through my shirt to my skin making me rush to undo my shirt to get my clothes off not even thinking about Daniel.

I hear him laughing as I can think more clearly once it's totally undone and pulled open next my hands going to my trousers opening them and letting them just hang from my hips.

"Here." He simply says. I look up seeing him holding out some tissues. I take them with a thankful smile rubbing one down my chest. "Maybe you should stop bringing me the hot drinks." He teases me.

"Well then I wouldn't see you." I look up to him with a smile.

"You don't need an excuse to see me." He hands me another tissue taking the old one from me.

"I do... what would your receptionist say if I kept turning up here?" I hand him back the used tissue much cleaner, or at least my body cleaner my clothes ruined.

"I guess you're right there." His eyes go to my chest then further down. "I have a spare shirt... it'll be big on you as it's mine though. Oh and I don't have trousers." He snaps back up to my eyes just as I thought he was thinking rude things.

"Thanks. Anything is better than this." I huff already starting to shimmy out of the shirt as he heads off to find his clean one for me.

"You know I was thinking anyway... did you want to start hanging out? I can take you out somewhere after work?" He makes conversation from somewhere across the room.

"Erm..." I'm unsure because obviously that's what I'd of wanted but now having the offer I'm nervous. What if I start getting even deeper feelings for him but he the opposite? What if he discovers how much of a loser I am? Or my Dad finds out?

"I mean obviously not today..." His there in front of me handing me a white folded shirt.

"Like where though?" I ask taking it from him shaking it open seeing he was right and it was huge, bound to swamp me.

He shrugs with a smile. "Does it matter? My place, McDonald's in my car... there's a really cool cliff view on the outskirts of town?"

I nod. "Sounds good." I smile before looking down at myself to start on the buttons stopping and dropping my hands to my sides as he leans in and starts doing them for me from the top.

"You are allowed to say no." He lowly says surprising me. I look up from his hands staring at his crystal eyes as he stays fixed on what his doing. He looks tired today... Under his eyes a little dark and his stubble even longer than I'm used to.

"Why would I say no?" I ask making him quickly glance up to me.

"You don't sound so sure is all." He shrugs it off.

"I'd like to spend more time with you..." I tell him honestly.

"But?" he asks.

"But nothing." I laugh. "I was just scared for a second that you'd find out you don't actually like me." I shyly admit.

He bursts out laughing. "No way." He bunches up the load of hanging fabric stuffing it all into my trousers making me jump as he was close to my junk... "Chill." He smirks obviously seeing how I'd flinched away some. "I'm not going to molest you." He winks it not helping my tummy flutters... I hadn't felt like this in a long time, probably not since before me and Jordan became physical together.

It's as if as soon as we did I was so used to our ways that I wouldn't get that excited... Somehow I feel it wouldn't be that way with Daniel.

"Sure about that?" I tease to take away from the blush coming to my cheeks.

"Well..." He smirks wider.

"Allister." He groans my name. "I'm trying here... please." He practically begs me to behave.

"I'm sure I deserve just as much attention as you had the other day..." I trail. God did he make me want him and badly I couldn't hold back from him. I looked him over it only winding myself up more as I imagined exactly what it would be like to have him hovering over me as he was inside of me...

"And I promise you if that's what you want you will get it... in time. Just give it time because if you go jumping into things you might regret it and I'd hate that. I already get the feeling if you could change what happen Monday you would."

"Probably... maybe you're right." I honestly admit.

"So Friday we will go. Bring some spare clothes here and change after work. Sound good?" He grabs both sides of my trousers and pulls them together buttoning them back up.

"Sounds good." I repeat with a nod.

"Great. Well I have work to be getting on with today." He reminds me of where we are. I hurry to get away from him looking over myself at what I was mow wearing finding luckily it didn't look too bad.

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