24. Now behave

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"Daniel I-" He is so fast to stop me from talking and he isn't even doing anything for show as his office door loudly shuts behind us.

"Sir or Mr Dawson Mr Voss. We are not friends. I am your boss and the quicker you start acting like it the better." He booms. "When we are in meetings you will behave yourself. Do you want other partners to see you as some badly behaved spoilt minor or be taken seriously here? The way you just acted down there was down right embarrassing for me." He points to the floor between us just making a point. I once again hang my head down feeling ashamed.

All I did was curse one time... then I guess back chat him with people listening.

"Sorry." I whisper.

"Al- Mr Voss." I hear how he himself stumbles and goes to be personal his tone far less stern more calming. "Is this getting too much for you? Does us agreeing to keep this strictly work based make it too hard to be competent?"

"No." I raise my eyes certain that our relationship wouldn't effect my work well aware that if it did he would soon have me fired. I needed this job. Even without our- whatever it was we were doing before today. "Today will never happen again." I say strongly. He smiles a little finally.

"Good because you know what I think of you. You have an amazing work ethic. You are smart and so capable when you apply yourself which you always do. You're intelligent and talented and more than qualified for what I ask of you if not more than. I wouldn't want any of that to go to waste and certainly not over something as stupid as what we had going on coming to an end." He praises me only it means nothing as he once again points out how what we had was over and seemingly for good the way he spoke.

He steps closer to me his voice quiet now. "What we had... you had a crush on me. I seriously liked you and enjoyed your company but you are right that we shouldn't continue it. We will both be able to move past it though."
I could cry.

How can he act like we were basically nothing. I know we hadn't really hung out much nor had we spent long getting to know each other or confessing feelings us only really being a bit of flirty fun but he made me smile too much for me to as easily as he is be done with us and especially not after I did to him what I did. It hadn't come easy for me him the second guy I'd ever been with and now it was over like that.

Instead of crying I put on my fakest smile and nod to him muttering his right.

"Excuse me Sir I have work to be getting on with." I cough before speaking to clear the huge lump in my throat hating all of this. Feeling ridiculous.

"Oh and Mr Voss." He calls after me once I've turned to leave the room his door partly opened. "You really are on your first warning. Two more and you will be done here at this company." I wanted to scream and throw a fit but don't. I nod politely and close his door slowly and softly heading back to my office space to continued my day as well as I could.

The following morning I don't want to make things look weird nor feel weird with me and Mr Dawson so I make his coffee first thing and take it to his office knocking the door and waiting a couple of seconds before I push it slightly open hearing him stop speaking to somebody as I do.
"Yes?" He asks across his office.

"Sorry Sir. Coffee." I hold it out to him.

"Thank you Mr Voss. Bring it inside please." He waves me in seeming happy enough this morning.

I can't help myself but look at who he is talking with surprised to see he has another young guy in here. My stomach pulls into knots just wondering what they were doing in here before I came in. What they could do in future now he had me out the picture. Was I another one of his many young play things and he was already moving on? Had I meant that little? He got what he wanted from me.

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