13. Screw it

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"I have no idea what he sees you in Allister. You're a child! Look at you." My Dad is yelling pretty much as soon as I'm through the door waving his hands to gesture to me..

"Oh thanks Dad. You make it sound like I'm unlikeable." I huff sarcastically.

"Well I get what you see in him... His older so has a good job with money and he drives and probably has a house. Plus his an attractive guy but his almost thirty!" He stresses to me.

"Nothing is going on Dad. His made that even clearer since the weekend." I lie to him. If anything things were made even more unclear since then.

"I just..." He sighs shaking his head down rubbing a hand back over it. "I want you happy son. Just are you sure that boys are what you like? I mean fully grown men?" He asks making me huff loudly unable to believe he was actually asking me this now.

"Yes Dad men are what I'm attractive too. That hasn't changed since I dated a boy." I moodily answer deciding this conversation was over with starting to walk away.

"I'm just checking in Allister. I mean I'm okay with it now..." He says but I can hear that it's hurting him to say meaning he wasn't okay with the fact his son is gay.

"You know what Dad it's fine because I wouldn't want my son to be gay either. I don't want him constantly feeling like there's something wrong with him because that's how other's make him feel." I tell him honestly.

"What? I don't think something is wrong with you!"

I groan throwing my head back.

"It isn't always about you Dad!"

"Then who? Who do you think treats you differently now?" He puts his hands on his hips testing me.

"Elliott." I say bluntly. "He hasn't even spoken to me since I told him." I talk about my brother. He again sighs knowing I'm right.

"He just needs time to get his head around it Allister-" He tries comforting me but I quickly stop him with another complaint.

"I'm gay Dad. Not dead." We just stand there looking at each other I think finally him agreeing with me. "I'm going for a bath."

Wednesday went by pretty fast thanks to my day being full of meetings where I struggled to keep up with everything being said but at the end as Daniel skimmed over my notes he told me I'd done really well. He then took me out to McDonald's and we ate it in his car, me making fun of him for the way he piled his big mac with half his fries having to open his mouth wider than I thought possible to even take a bite, half the fries dropping out anyway covered in big mac sauce.

I joked he better not get any of his black trousers or else 'people would talk'. He rolled his eyes at me deciding not to comment actually the entire day he seemed on his best behaviour around me.

It was nice having some time not wanting to tell him just rip my clothes off already even if the thought was still there in the back of my head.

Even when he drove me home he quietly played the radio us both deciding that today we didn't need to speak, perhaps because we had spent all day together.

Once outside my house he said goodnight and he would see me tomorrow. I smiled and told him thanks again for driving me home then went inside to find for once my Dad wasn't spying on us. The only day it actually looks like nothing is happening he doesn't see...

Thursday though things changed...

I took him his morning coffee like always, settling it down on his desk for him as he kept his eyes locked on his laptop not even looking up at me.

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