5. Real gold

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That days ride home wasn't as bad as yesterday's. We made small talk again but not as much mostly just listening quietly to the radio.

When we did have our chit chat though it was mostly about things to do with work or my schooling and qualifications. Much more what I was expecting from him not the somewhat overly friendly way he can be at times.

He dropped me home catching me as I was about to leave telling me he almost forgot then reaching into his pocket coming out with a folded piece of paper. "For your Dad. Make it believable. Tell him I need it back asap." He was again just grinning at me as if he found all this too amusing especially as I just nod an okay biting the inside of my mouth. "See you tomorrow Allister." He chuckles.

I head through my front door unsure how to go about giving this to my Dad and pretending that it was a work thing especially as I hadn't even had a minute yet to read it to know exactly what the lie was. Quickly I unfolded the paper trying to act normal as my Dad called to me how was my day and why I got a ride home again and so late.

"Working over. Can't turn it down when time and a half." I shout back scanning over the letter in my hand.

Dear Mr Voss.
Over the past few day's I've had the pleasure of working with your son and would like to start by saying he is incredible. He has already shown he is capable of not only the work originally planned for him to do but more as I've been having him attend meetings with me to take notes. As well as this he has also been giving helpful insight into how to improve our company it gaining us more partnerships. As you may tell that is unbelievable given his short time here. Therefore I would like permission for him to attend a meeting out of Town on the upcoming Saturday. I could send for a taxi to collect him at six as the meeting is the following Sunday morning early so I'd put him up in a hotel over night. The rest of the board will also be attending as well as other companies and think it would give him great opportunities for his future to not only gain this experience but also be able to have his face shown around these other people.
Please let me know if this is something you would be okay with him doing. I've already had conversations with Mr A Voss but have made clear to him it is all depending on you considering he is still under eighteen and would need consent.
Sincerely Mr D Dawson.

Sounded legit. He really was good with wording but I guess it's his job.

I head into the living room after removing my coat and shoes and slump to sit on the sofa beside my Dad whose watching a football game on TV.

"Hey. My boss said to give you this." I don't even look away from the TV trying to act calm about the situation knowing if I looked at him there was more chance he would see I'm afraid he will see right through me.

He doesn't even ask what it is taking it from me only taking seconds to read it.

"You've made quite an impact." He laughs sounding really pleased with me. I laugh back only nowhere near as genuine but then I suppose I had. I may not of been going to some fancy meeting out of town however all the other stuff about how hard I'd been working was all true. "Well done Allister I can't believe this! Wait until I tell your Nan oh my gosh she will freak. Of course you can go with him! Go. Grab a pen!" He shoves playfully into my shoulder making me again laugh at him as I get up and go hunt one down.

Daniel will be happy.

Now to just think about what to wear. How to act. Make more friends at work and perhaps try some alcohol or something to at least find one I like otherwise I will look like more of a immature loser when I turn everything down or screw my face up at it's taste. All in the next couple days...


The rest of my week goes by quite uneventful except I'm speaking to friends I used to have in school that I haven't spoken to in weeks asking them what alcohol tastes nice but doesn't look to inexperienced like I know WKD, what I'd drank in the past at friends houses would. Coming to the final conclusion that if there was cider to take that, if not beer but I knew from past experiences I wasn't exactly the biggest fan of the ones I'd tried them all tasting too strongly.

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