7. Semi responsive

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The next thing I remember is Daniel coming back in gently shaking me to rouse me as I must of fallen to sleep. I open my eyes seeing him sat on the edge of the bed beside me looking down at me with worry in his eyes.

"Hey. How you doing?" He quietly asks.

"Where've you been?" I mumble grabbing at his black t-shirt trying to pull myself up into a sitting position only my body feels like it's full of lead weights it impossible. He grabs my back and guides me up until I'm sat upright only I slump over forward some unable to stay straight thanks to the heaviness I felt.

"I went to find Sean remember?" His hand on my back is stroking gently circles helping keep me calm as the confusion set in.

"Sean?" I look to him no idea who his talking about. He frowns at me.

"Yeah... the guy who gave you your drink? I think he spiked it. He wasn't here though probably left because he knows I know what he did. I've told everyone to start leaving too." He explains to me not really helping me understand though as I still didnt remember anyone called Sean.

"Is Jordan here?" I ask only making his face screw up more as he starts shaking his head no.

"Do you want him to be? His your ex though remember? But I can call him if you'll feel better?"

"His my ex... you're right yeah." I remember as he tells me feeling stupid that I could forget that. "I don't feel great." I whisper allowing myself to lean over against him resting my head onto my chest. He simply excepts me to him not saying a word.

"Do you think your Dad would press charges if I took you home like this?" He tries joking. I let out a small laugh before everything starts fading. It starts with black spots in my vision them getting bigger until I couldn't see anything just hear the echo of Daniel saying something sounding panicked as he tries holding me up.

I open my eyes just long enough to see cramped white walls, three guys surrounding me and bright lights them hurting my eyes making me shut them again. There was a pressure on my finger which I reached for finding something hard clipped there.
"No. No Allister leave it on." A familiar voice... I don't have it in me to respond I just listen to him and let go of the thing causing me discomfort groaning my annoyance though.

I know I must of been kind of out of it as people were trying to ask me questions and I just couldn't be bothered to speak to them. I could hear the words and vaguely knew what they were saying but not well enough that I'd of been able to string a good response so I just stayed silent.

Suddenly I'm cold and the quiet of wherever I was, other than the chatter of the people, is replaced by a noise everything seeming busy it making me again voice my feelings with a grumble.

"It's alright Al. Will get you sorted real soon." The voice I know tells me and even though I'm still unsure exactly who it is or what's happening I trust him and can feel myself calming down. I feel him take my hand and I actually sink deeper into the bed I'm on as it starts moving him coming along with me.

"Sixteen year old male in for suspicion of alcohol or drug spiking. Semi responsive. Heart rate slow but steady, blood pressure a little high but nothing we are overly concerned about. Can we get him a room so we can administer fluids. Oh and arrange a urine test to figure out weather it was drugs or just alcohol." I listen careful finally getting my head around the situation... I was in hospital. Fuck my Dad will kill me. Speaking of... "We also need to contact his adult and speak with the police to get them to come and give him an interview once awake." I again groan now fully aware of the consequence tonight would bring. Everything at work with Daniel will be weird and tense. He will more than likely get in trouble for having me at his house drinking. Sean will loose his job at the least. My Dad might not even want me working for Daniel anymore or ever going out again.

My beds moving again and this time a female voice is speaking to me much kinder sounding than the male guys telling me she has me the best room. I'm then stopped probably as we get to where I will be staying until they sort me out.

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