25. Kiss me

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As soon as I knew the new kid was underage and only getting experience working here for his school classes I no longer felt threatened by him so was able to enjoy working alongside him for the rest of that day.

He worked well with me actually, helping to do simple tasks meaning I got to stay sat at the desk most of the day which I needed, my ass too sore whenever I had to move. Sitting was painful too but at least it was a consistent dull ache u like the stinging of my underwear rubbing me whenever I had to move or the bruised feeling I got when standing. Did I regret it? No. Would I let him do it to me again? Maybe... probably.

The kids name was Zack. He went to the same school I used to go to actually only in the year below me even if two years younger. He soon was turning sixteen I'm guessing. We spoke as we worked about the school and he caught me up on drama I'd missed like teachers dating each other or ones that had left or changed subjects. He also spoke about kids in his year that I used to know and hang out with, one I still did, Zeppelin. He was a sweet kid. Pretty cute but very straight and very okay with me being gay, he knew as was close friends with Jordan so knew all about the two of us being together. It was nice having close friends that didn't change when finding out I liked guys.

At least all afternoon I had a distraction, needing it too not only from my ass but also from Daniel in general. I had no idea what his plan was or how he expected us to be anymore so it would all just have to wait to be played out. I prayed he would continue at least some stuff though...

Tomorrow we had another meeting together but I would have to remain very serious and very straight as I'm more sure than ever that people would he watching us. Hopefully having Zack in there would help too.
It was the following day I was looking forward to most... being alone with him all fay in his office... that is exactly what I needed.

Anxiously I take him his coffee the following morning needing to rush to get it to him knowing as soon as Zack was in he would offer to take it to him himself and I couldn't have that. The coffee run was mine and Daniel's thing but if I'd of turned down Zack's offer I'm sure it would look suspicious. After all his here to do my dirty jobs and being a coffee boy should be one of those jobs.

"Morning Mr Dawson. Your coffee." I cheerfully say as I push his office door open. I must have been earlier than I'd thought as he was sat on the front of his desk still on his phone indicating his day was yet to begin.

"Ahh Mr Voss you life saver." He stands leaving his phone on his desk as he wonders to me taking the coffee before I could make a mess with it again. His eyes scan me and he huffs as he smirks obviously finding something amusing. I just stand letting him admire me. I may of worn the shirt he gave me on my first day working here hoping he would remember it as well as I did.

"How did Mr Spencer get on with you yesterday?" He asks but to acting like a normal boss.

"Well. We actually went to school together. His quite funny actually. A lot more fun to work with than I'd first thought. Honestly I was expecting it to be horrible having somebody watching my every move." I tell him truthfully not trying to annoy him but still he folds his arms over his chest glaring at me. "What?" I ask confused my mood dropping.

"He isn't here for you to have fun with Allister. His here for work and so are you. Whatever little flings or crushes you have can wait until business hours are over please." He grumbles. I can't help but laugh at his clear jealously. No way was he being this moody just over me maybe not getting enough work done especially considering he knows I get everything he asks done.

"No crushes but if you want to make sure I'm busy then give me more work. Simple." I shrug my shoulders winding him up.

"Tomorrow." He grins at me again as he unfolds his arms.

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