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Don't even ask me why but Monday morning I'm up bright and early, well not so bright as it was autumn so dark mornings and dark evenings but early definitely, ready for work. I knew I could quite easily of had a sick day and knowing Daniel he probably would of paid me too but I wanted to go into work. After spending all of Sunday, after I was finally released home, in bed both sleeping and eating I was really almost back to my normal self.
The only difference being I felt as though I'd been partying all weekend... I wish.

I'd been in work for and hour doing the usual paperwork and reading over the days scheduled meetings and appointments when Rona came skipping in all excitedly her heels clipping on the flooring as she hurried to me bending in close.

"Mr Dawson wants to see you. He says it's urgent, his office." She whispered grinning from ear to ear clearly she had caught onto things last week too. I can't help but smile as I get up from my desk and start walking out the small room knowing I'd soon be in front of him... I wanted to see him. That being my main reason for coming into work today. Maybe even the only reason.

Not only did I want to see him but I wanted to be flirty too. I wanted to tease him and make him want me even if he was telling himself he couldn't. He did.

"Yes Sir?" I ask as soon as I push the door open not even knocking on. He was pacing stopping and looking to me when I made clear I was here.

"Allister." He says with an outlet of breath. "Why are you here today? You should be home."

"I know but I feel better. Anyway I should be here. I can't exactly take a day off when I've only been here two weeks." A lie. I knew I could even if me and Daniel didn't have this relationship. I was entitled to sick days especially after being in the hospital.

"Don't be ridiculous. I have a meeting in fifteen minutes. It'll take me an hour tops. If you haven't gone home by the time it's done I am taking you home." He threats making me roll my head as well as eyes at him. He huffs at me putting his hands on his hips as if his testing me, just urging me to continue acting this way.

"Mr Dawson-" He actually moans making me grin knowing exactly what I'm doing to him pushing me on. "Sir... I get it you're my boss but you don't own me so can't tell me what to do. I listened at first but... well I have my purple boxers on today purely because I realised you can't tell me not to."

"I don't believe you." He holds tall.

I just shrug. "Too bad. I'm going back to work. Have a good meeting... Sir." I send him a smile pleased with myself then leave his office ignoring as he calls after me.

Almost bang on an hour later, yes I'd been staring at the clock this entire time my stomach anxious yet really excited for what would happen once he was out of his meeting. I did suspect he was all talk and wouldn't even come find me but then I also hoped that I was wrong and he would.
Someone came into our office a huge stack of papers in hand looking to me who was sat watching the clock then Rona who was typing on the computer.

"These need copying." She says straight to me.

I shouldn't but I sigh. Non the less I stand and wonder to her reaching and putting the papers into my hand about to take them when another hand came down out of no where clasping around mine then pushing it back. "His busy." I hear his voice my whole body going stiff with thrill. "Rona. Can you take these please?"

"Sure!" She politely beams hopping from around the other side of her desk to come collect them. "Give me like an hour." She told the guy who'd brought them in. He thanks her and heads out
"You will be fine today right? Just I promised I'd take him home?" Daniel tells her. I embarrassed drop my eyes to the floor.

"Sure. Have fun." She laughs teasing us. He chuckles then takes my elbow giving it a light tug to follow him.

"What did I say huh?" He asks clearly finding this amusing. I got the feeling he loved this control thing.

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