19. Birthday gifts

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He dropped me off at home parking around the corner so my Dad wouldn't see making me promise I would go to his office first thing tomorrow to see him as it was my birthday and he wanted to see me alone. I thanked him again for last night and this morning too and then headed inside it taking everything I had in me to not bother him by texting him all night.

I got distracted when in the office the next morning. Rona had gone out her way about it and had arranged banners in the office with balloons and people were wearing little party hats. Sat on my desk was a huge iced cake and a birthday badge. Her and a few people I worked with often all sang happy birthday and made me cut and hand out the cake ignoring my comments on how it was too early for cake.

Between the laughter and embarrassment I forgot all about Daniel somehow. Honestly I loved my job and that wasn't all down to him. Rona was awesome. She may be over twice my age but she really is a great person and somehow we get on perfectly. She watches the same TV shows as me and we have similar interests meaning when we didn't have to talk about work conversation came easy. Then there was Sydney who came in at least daily sometimes more to have paperwork copied. He was closer to my age but still in his twenties, had the cutest face and always wore nice yet comfy looking suits.

Shame he was very straight.

"Sorry to interrupt the party- no hang on it's work hours..." We were all snapped out of our little celebration as Daniel made himself known to us all. It wasn't often that he would come to see us here usually calling or emailing one of us if he needed anything so the fact he was and at a time when nobody was working made people scurry to get back to work. I just stared at him suddenly remembering he wanted to see me...

"Sir we are sorry. It's Allister's birthday and we wanted to make him feel welcome." Rona stood up for me and everyone else.

"It's fine Rona." Daniel sighed out.

"Can we just get back to work please." He waved it off. "Mr Voss, a word. My office." He looks to me his tone very serious making me gulp.

"Mr Dawson please. He had no idea-" He cuts her off as she again came to my rescue thinking that I was in trouble.

"Mrs Fullback mine and Mr Voss' talk will have nothing to do with this I assure you. Not that it is any of your business."

I stand from the desk removing the party hat I'd been wearing it seeming I was the last to have it ln anyway. "Rona it's fine. Thank you for this." I smile thankful to her feeling a little guilty that she thought Daniel wanting to see me was about what she'd done for me when in fact it was my fault for not doing as he'd asked and I'd promised.

I follow Daniel to his office us both in silence that is until his office door is shut behind us leaving us alone. It wasn't me that broke the silence though as he turned to me beaming a huge smile something I didn't expect, feeling as though he was mad at me.

"Happy Birthday!" He wishes me pulling from his inner suit pocket a small white leather box. I took it from his fingers looking up at him sceptically. "What? I can't get you a present?" He sees my confusion smirking.

I look back to the box and slowly lift the lap to open it being greeted with a shiny golden necklace. It had a thick chain but that wasn't what my eye was drawn to, hanging from it was a circular pendant my spare hand going to it and gently lifting and spinning it as I examined it.

"It's a St Christopher. It's for safe travelling and protection. I just thought as you've not long left school and got your job here and started growing as a person you'd need it. Just because you aren't changing country or seeing new places doesn't mean your not going anywhere. You know?" He explains to me. I can't help but smile like a total idiot. This is probably the nicest thing I've ever owned let alone someone had brought for me. "Anyway I thought you could do with a new necklace..." I looked up at him just in time to see the massive grin he was giving me obviously just as pleased with himself.

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