18. Incomparable

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I feel really excited yet nervous waking up the next morning.

Yesterday I had gone into one of his spare rooms and masturbated because he got me so worked up.

Let's be honest it wasn't the first time he'd been the reason for me to do it and it wasn't the first time I'd thought of him the entire time either. I'd cleaned the mess up with his boxers he gave me yesterday in the moment it seeming like the best idea knowing he would see it and know but now I'm not so sure of myself.

I get dressed back into yesterdays clothes which was by the time I'd woke at half ten, already folded and left outside my door.

He was up and downstairs already probably waiting for me to get myself ready so he could take me home and get on with the rest of his weekend in peace. I know he talks about how much he likes me and me him but we don't really know anything about each other, not really. We do talk when we've had lunch together or when he drives me home but I didn't really know anything about him. He didn't talk about his family, his life... He asked about mine so perhaps he does know me a little but he couldn't possibly know enough about me to know he likes me in more than a sexual way.

Would he want to spend more time with me?

I doubted he would but I shouldn't think so little of myself because after all his always the one asking me for lunch and asking me to message him.

I slowly almost tiptoe downstairs keeping my eyes open to see where exactly he was before I just walk right to him.

His sat on his sofa one of his legs tucked under him as he watches TV. He laughs about something that's said his toothy smile stunning... Was it all a sexual thing for me? Did I find him attractive in a I don't want to rip your clothes off way? Could I fall for his looks imagining us together? Not just under the sheets...

With Jordan there was instant attraction and then instant infatuation. I loved him as soon as we started talking really, knowing I wanted to be with him. But then with Jordan we would go on dates and kiss and cuddle before the sexual stuff came because I hadn't done anything like it before and I was scared to. I held off for as long as I could but ultimately we became comfortable and things led from one thing to another.

Now I don't feel no where near as shy as I did then and then only wanting to sleep with people I really care for now I just miss sex... I shouldn't. I'm seventeen some people haven't even lost their virginity yet but here I am itching to be fucked by Daniel, my boss.

"Morning." I make myself known not spying on him any longer as I walk into the room further. He turns to see me his smile growing.

"Hey you! I didn't think you'd ever wake." He teases me making me fake laugh as I join him on his sofa sitting on the edge not as cocky as yesterday as now I over thought everything that happened last night between us. "You wanna eat?" He asks.

I glance to his kitchen ready to answer no because I didn't want to be even more of a pest to him but my stomach answered for me it growling loudly. "Well..." I smile shyly.

"Wanna go out to eat? There's a cafe just down the road?" He shifts his ass on the sofa to sit on just the edge with me ready to get up whatever my decision.

"You want to be seen with me? Won't people talk?" I half wound him up while also seriously wondering why suddenly the change of mind. Usually when we go grab food it's drive through and we eat in his car...

He shrugs his shoulders smirking. "Lets give their tedious lives some excitement."

"We don't have to... We can grab a quick maccies on the way home. Eat it around the corner from my place?" I try changing his mind purely again because I didn't want him to keep going out of his way for me when I was giving nothing in return.

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