33. Second warning

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I hadn't even made it to lunch time when he was ringing me on the office phone, his receptionist dialling down to tell me Mr Dawson was on the other line before transferring me over. I knew there was a good chance I was in trouble. He would never ring me otherwise at this time and especially on the work line. He was making sure people knew we'd had this conversation.

I'm scared to answer but have no choice my hands shaking as I do. It was only Daniel but like I've admitted before I hate letting him down and today I most certainly had. He would never hate me over it, at least I hoped but he might be mad at me some time... I knew I'd made him look bad.

"Hello?" I answer just waiting for the explosion. He sounds reasonably calm actually... for now.

"Why have I had Mr Hale on the phone to me this morning to tell me you were late?" He asks not hanging around.

I sigh slumping my elbows on my desk head in my hand not sure what to say to that except that I was sorry. The words slip out without even thinking of our appearances. This may be a good conversation to have with everybody listening just so they know we are very work based but it wasn't also as I was emotional and he would be too meaning we could easily forget my audience and slip up saying something we shouldn't.

"A-Mr Voss. I'm gone not even half a week and you're already making things difficult." He sighs too, his tone only now showing his annoyance. "We will go more into this at a later date." He makes sure I know that he wasn't letting me get away with this lightly on our personal terms continuing much more like my boss. Appearances I guess. "For now though this is your second warning. I will not stand for tardiness you saw that yourself with Mr Spencer last week. No excuses. Just because I am out of office it changes nothing. You will treat Mr Hale the exact same you would me as his my stand in. Do better Mr Voss. I expect better." He finishes his tone very strict.

I hum that I understand. "Sorry Sir. I know. I won't be late again I promise. It was a mistake on my end and I can only sincerely apologise." I tell him not only meaning it in this sense but also to him outside of the role of my boss. I would apologise to him more later anyway. I'm certain he would have questions as to why I was late and what Mr Hale said to me and me him.

We get off the phone and I am tempted to slam it down into it's holder angrily but I don't. I set it back nicely with a deep breath in and out then turn back to my work. Rona stopping me as I lifted some papers.

"You'd have thought he would have gone a little easier on you considering you both have a good relationship." She points out what she sees.

I fake laugh. "I wouldn't say that much." I lie it only making her giggle at me.

"No kidding me Mr Voss." She stares amused at me pretending I didn't know what she was talking about. I shake my head and swallow hard going back to my paperwork.

"You both like each other. Have you-" I shush her before anybody could over hear. I didn't want to admit anything but from the sounds of it she knew anyway and we didnt need this whole floor knowing too. I trusted her... some what.

"We haven't anything." I whisper.

"No? So why are you whispering?" She asks grinning finding this too funny. I'm glad that I could bring some joy into her life. My private stuff though was too much to discuss with her. "I wasn't so certain person if you both were looking at each other with thick sexual tension or a burning murderous rage. You just confirmed it for me though."

"I know what people think. After the rumours which-" She stops me this time.

"Weren't true. I know. You both wouldn't." She makes me feel giddy a little that she knows at least something about us even if I hadn't or wouldn't say anything more except the word exactly as I stand with papers in hand that had to go be delivered on the desk of another colleague.

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