8. Pass the time

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"Leave it alone." Daniel demands as his sat watching me mess with the wires going into my arm.

I grumble annoyed.

"I hate this. I feel fine. I've been hooked up here for an hour. I want to go home." I strop throwing my body further down the bed causing Daniel to smile at me.

"God Allister come on. You're here with me. Don't act like it's the worst night of your life." He teases me. I go red at the thought of spending a night with him... one nothing like this of course.

I look down to the bed and let it go quiet again. After what I deemed long enough I looked back up to him glad to see him back to being submerged in something on his phone, too busy to notice I was looking.

He still wore the clothes from the party, black slim fit t-shirt that clung to the curves of his body, grey checked smart trousers with a clunky black and silver belt the buckle huge... I bit my lip as a thought came of him hovering over me, knees either side of my hips as he yanked the belt loose from his body, clapped it onto his hand then wrapped it around mine buckling it tight then using it to hold my hands up over my head...

He laughs snapping me from my day dream.

"Stop that." He says voice flat. I look up from his crotch area seeing his still staring at his phone but his smirking, clearly meant for me.

"Stop what?" I manage to ask croaking it out nervous.

"I won't say. But you know exactly what I'm talking about." He glances up to me from his phone, giving me this look before looking back down again.

I swallow hard well aware that he knew I'd been checking him out thinking dirty thoughts.

I look to my bag of fluids again seeing they hadn't even gone down since the last night I looked making me sigh and shut my eyes to wish the time away. He laughs at me again but I choose to ignore him. That is until the bed shifts and I open my eyes seeing him sitting right there in my space.

"Fine. You're bored. Let's play truth or dare." He starts, totally normal even as my hearts pounding.

"Okay. Me first I dare you to give me a pay rise." I joke.

"After tonight deal however that isn't not how we play. Truth or dare?" He asks.

"Truth." I answer knowing there wasn't really much I could be dared in this bed hooked up.

"Favourite part of your day?" He asks easily. Good one to start with. Nothing too serious. I like this.

"Bed. God I love my bed. I wish I was there right now." I sigh contently thinking about it. "Truth or dare?" I ask before it could go too quiet.

"Truth." He picks.

I smile happy with this game knowing this was a great way of finding things out about him that normally you can't just come straight out with like "are you attracted to girls?"

"No. Guys. I date guys." He says pretty easily for him. "I however thought you knew that?" He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. I shake my head no. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." I again answer.

"What do you do in your bed before you sleep that you like so much?" He smirks. I again swallow hard, my stomach twisting into knots because of course he knew exactly what he wanted me to say. Still he was asking me.

"I. I um. I..." I stumble to think of something, anything but what his thinking. He just laughs loudly.

"Naughty." He nudges me.

"Truth or dare Mr Dawson?" I tease him back but to my surprise it effects him more than I thought it would as I see he swallows hard too then he fights to not look down my body, his eyes flickering a little before he looks back to my face.

"Truth." He too picks.

"Do you make porn videos on the side for extra money?" I joke trying to lighten the tension a little. He laughs a no. "Are you sure? I think I've seen you on pornhub." I continue to play with him.

"That would mean you go on pornhub." He winks making me flush bright red at the realisation.

Fuck. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." I pick knowing one of us has to at some point.

"Finally." He says sitting up higher. "I dare you to kiss me." He shocks me. I shake my head quickly no. If we kiss he has to do it because I'm way too shy for that. I'm making no moves on him and definitely not in a game in a hospital.

"Truth." I quickly change my answer.

"It doesn't work like that but fine. Is it true you want to kiss?" He smirks way too full of himself right now.

"Never have I ever-" I quickly say only he laughs louder stopping me.

"Not the game Allister. Come on." He nudges into me.

"Sorry to interrupt." I'm saved as we both look to the nurse whose just coming into the room pulling back the curtain to see in. "Your fluid bag is finished." She points out. I look up to see she's right.

"Time flies huh?" He asks with another nudge hopping up off the bed away from me.

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