34. Wild one

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I'm on edge as I head up his front garden, looking back to the taxi that has ready began pulling away before turning back to his door now stood right at it. I loom back one more time up and down the street to make sure nobody is watching me before I knock on. I glance to my feet terrified in this moment but also happy... is that possible? I hadn't seen him in so long and after both what we had done the other night on the phone and the conversations we'd had dome private and in depth others light hearted and fun, I felt closer to him.

I whip my hear up as he opens the door greeting me with a genuine and contagious smile as he ushered me inside him too looking around outside.

I step in it being strangely already familiar and calming.

I turn once in and the door shut see him smiling just as widely it not yet wavering.

His hair is wet, it so wet actually that it's dripping down onto his plain white t-shirt. It resembled one I had simple and slim fit without being too tight only his looked as if it probably cost three times more than mine had; the material seeming softer. I knew if lucky tonight I would get to feel it to find out.

"Was your drive okay?" He makes the awkwardness vanish just as it starts, me at a loss for words not sure what to say as suddenly I felt a bit flustered.

"Oh!" I remember to talk. "Yeah fine. How was your flight?"

"Delayed." He smiles. "I not long got in. Just tossed my bag down and showered. I just got out when I saw the taxi pulling up so rushed some clothes on." He explains. "I mean how inappropriate would I have looked answering in just my towel." He makes me smile my small uneasy feeling fading his cute happy face helping.

"For sure." I nod agreement.

"Want a drink?" He gestures towards his kitchen and I nod following but not before I kick my shoes off not even waiting to untie them.

"You know I wished I could have showered and changed first. I bet I smell after being in the office all day." I worry aloud.

"I'm sure you are fine. I don't think you've ever smelt to me." He helps again to make me relax a bit.

"Not alcohol." He points to me as we stand in his kitchen all his alcohol bottles spread out one even with the lid off beside an empty glass. He must of had one when he got home it looking like a whiskey or something.

"No coke or lemonade is fine." I know his right. I didn't need to drink anyway and certainly not if I would only end up embarrassing myself in front of him.

"So what excuse did you give your Dad?" He asks as he opens his fridge pulling out a bottle of lemonade it wet the second he gets it out indicating how cold it was. It looked really good.

"Seeing a friend... He didn't even question me probably because he knows you're away this week cause I told him about your dicky replacement plus I played it really cool." I explain thanking him as he hands me my glass me instantly sipping it.

"Do you think he thinks anything of us anymore or have we shook him off the scent?" He asks as he leans to the counter edge. My eyes go down to his crotch noticing how his wearing thin light looking joggers. I was jealous.

"For now his not even asking." I say for now knowing it wouldn't take much to make my Dad see differently.

"Oh... let me." He holds his hand out to my backpack which I'd managed to forget was still slung over my shoulder. I'm just as out of it as he points out it's still on me. I shake it off and into his waiting hand. He moves it up onto the counter safely.

"God what is in there? Did Mr Hale make you photocopy the bible or something?" He laughs, I do too. It's crazy how we are on the same wave length, us both finding the same jokes funny. Us both agreeing on much more than what you'd expect us to.

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