11. Just the intern

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I’m in the office before him like always trying to get on with the mornings tasks my mind elsewhere though, watching the clock waiting for when he would arrive wondering if he would call me into his office to talk. Perhaps he just didn’t want to speak about it over message but face to face.

Nine o’clock came and still nothing. It must have been clear to Rona something was going on with me, I could see the strange looks she kept sending my way them becoming more obvious the more I looked at the time. Almost ten and nothing from him not even a call for a drink or to ask what he had planned for the work day, not even to Rona.

Could he of skipped the day? Is that even something he can do? I suppose he could take phone calls and reply to emails from home...

“Mr Dawson will be a right grouch if you don’t take him a drink.” Rona breaks me from my thoughts making me jump at the mention of him.

I shake off my flunk and smile at her trying to act normal.

“Well he hasn’t asked for one... anyway I will blame you if his mad. Say I thought you’d taken one as he hadn’t rung for one.” I really try to not hide my feelings about him shrugging my shoulders as if it was nothing.

“My excuse will be it’s usually your job.” She laughs. “So what happened yesterday with him then?”

My head shoots in her direction to see her face not sure how she knew something happened or even how she felt about it. Did she even know I liked guys? That he liked guys?

“No-Nothing. He dropped me home... that’s all.” I lie. I’m bad at it as she rolls her eyes at me.

Maybe it was her age that made her wise to this sort of stuff like how a Mom is supposed to have instinct... “Then I got his number and god I’m so confused!” I start continuing to try cover but eventually end up spilling everything making her laugh more and shake her head saying she knew it.

“Just take him his drink Allister. Stop being a pussy. Hiding in here won’t solve anything and his too stubborn to come to you trust me. Just stand tall like he doesn’t bother you.” She advised me.

I knew she was right. I was so honest with him last night. The ball was in his court he knew how I felt. I’d hold my head strong and take him his drink, see what he has to say. If he likes me great but if his decided to stop us good too.

It’s not like anything was really happening anyway.

His attractive yes but I don’t have feelings...

I make him his usual coffee and carry it to his office knocking on but this time waiting to hear him tell me to go inside. It was later in the day then normal and I didn’t want him to be having a meeting and me just stroll inside.

“Yes?” I hear him shout from the other side of the door. He definitely sounded mad and he didn’t even know it was me yet.

I open the door holding the coffee at arms length poking it through the door before I went inside

“Coffee... don’t shoot.” I try kidding to break the ice not actually expecting it to work but he sighed a laugh telling me to come in. I walk deeper inside heading to him coffee still extended.

“Thanks. Sorry about that. One of those mornings.” He smiles taking it and quickly sipping as I open my mouth to remind him it’ll be hot. He barely flinches at the heat instead just humming contently. “How do you even make the best coffee’s?” He asks making me slightly blush. I was anticipating weird between us but nothing...

Did I want to bring last night up or is it something to talk to him about not in office hours? Could I wait that long?

“Is the offer of a ride home tonight still on the table?” I speak my mind.

He looks to be thinking hard before he swallows and nods. I smile glad that he hadn’t decided to totally end this... “But we need to talk...”

“Daniel-" He cuts me off his eyes shooting to the open door.

“Mr Dawson please Mr Voss.” He corrects me. I turn and see someone waiting to come inside.

“Sorry of course. Mr Dawson...” My hearts suddenly pounding in both excitement and nerves.

“Hold this for just a moment please?” He asks me. I nod then he looks to the door.

“Sorry to interrupt Sir. You have someone in the lobby waiting to see you. He says his name is Hunter?” The girl asks him sounding just as scared to talk to him as I always get. He must just have that effected on people.

“Ahhhh yes. Give me ten minutes please and then send him up.” He seems happy to hear this Hunter guy is here to see him... She says okay then I hear her heels clipping away. Daniel steps around me and walks across his office to shut the door to give us more privacy.

“First name basis huh? He must be here on personal terms.” I sound snotty but he finds me funny huffing a laugh as he walks back to me standing directly behind me.

“Yes he is. Does that bother you?” He asks. I want to lie. Say not at all. You mean nothing but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Instead I nod unable to form words as his breath washes over my neck.

“Allister, you have to try help me control myself. I want you so badly...” He pants.

“Then why do you have to control yourself?” I whisper already knowing his answer would probably be I’m too young.

“Because you work here... you’re my assistant. People will talk... you’re sixteen and I’m twenty-eight. I’m your boss...” I exhale irritated at his many reasons.

“That all sounds like excuses.” I take a step away from him. “Hunter-" I empathise his name. “will be waiting for you.”

“My cousin can wait.” He smirks. “I have no meetings I need you for today. Do you want to join me in here for lunch?”

I’m blushing that I was just acting jealous over his family member... I shake my head no. “People will talk...” I use his words  again he just smirks.

“Fine. I finish at five today.” He looks me up and down. I simply nod that I hear him and will be up here then I turn to leave his office. As I open the door I’m faced with a guy who almost walks right into me him laughing his apology.

“I didn’t  realise Daniel had company.” His polite.

“It’s fine. I’m just the intern.” I say loud enough that Daniel can hear. He laughs then calls for him to go inside.

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