14. Caught up

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Friday and I was excited for tonight. Not only for the party with my friends after feeling like I hadn't seen any of them in so long but also because Daniel was driving me home and then to my friends house. It shouldn't of been much different, he does drive me home everyday but it was feeling different already. I wouldn't be in my work clothes for one... Not that that would make much of a change.

The day went fast, probably because I was so excited that I would keep spacing out for some time it helping pass the hours. The only time I couldn't get lost in thought being in a meeting with Daniel where again I took notes for him. I wanted to get lost in thought even more as I kept looking to Daniel and him consuming me. The way he spoke so confident and professional it was a huge turn on I think because it reminded me when sometimes I could easily forget because of how friendly we are that he is my boss. He pays my wages...

He wore today a heather grey suit it with darker speckles mixed into the heavy looking material. I don't blame him for wearing this one in particular today as it was suddenly freezing out. I'd only grabbed a zip up hoodie today when I left the house in a bit of a rush as I'd gotten caught up thinking of Daniel in my morning routine pushing me ten minutes behind as I stopped to enjoy some me time. The entire way to work I felt like I was actually going to become as ice block and since then I'd stayed cold as if my body had absorbed it in. I couldn't wear the jacket at work so had only my white shirt and navy trousers on well aware that my nipples were seen through the fabric.

Once the meeting was over it was pretty much lunchtime so I was in no rush to collect all my papers and stuff them into a little pile then inside my folder. After doing that I went to leave looking up from the desk I found everyone had gotten out before me. I turned around to go jumping out my body when there stood Daniel grinning at me.

"Sorry." Hs apologised with a laugh.

"What are you doing?" I wondered aloud.

"Waiting for you... I can't concentrate on speaking when you wear your glasses Allister. I kept looking over to you and forgetting what I was talking about." He spills. It's nice to know but I'm not used to compliments them turning me giddy and shy.

"You make it much harder too when all I can feel is you staring at me." Finally he tips me over the edge of embarrassment as I look down away from his glaring eyes to the things in my hands knowing my face was on fire and probably other parts of my body too, not that he could see. I didn't even think he would remember I was in the room with him let alone know I was checking him out every opportunity I got.

"I-I... Sorry." I struggle to think of something to say back to that my reply only making him laugh more.

"It's fine. Allister really... I liked it." He grabs from my hands the book of notes I'd been holding. I let him take them expecting he wanted to check on what work I'd actually managed to get done.

"I did keep up..." I tell him as he takes it.

"I know. I told you I couldn't keep my eyes off you. I'm impressed by how you can switch between eyeing me up with dirty thoughts and then doing serious work. I know I can't as easily." He informs me and again his embarrassed me.

"I didn't know I was bothering you." I mumble now only having my empty hands to look at.

"Yes. Very much so. Lunch?" He pushes to open the meeting room door indicating this conversation must be ended so people didn't hear.

"I've brought lunch today. My Dad made enchiladas last night and we had tons left over. I don't want to waste food." I tell him somewhat disappointed to have to turn his offer down.

"Cool. Well grab that and I can pick up some sides and meet you in my office to share?" God would he give me choice? It's as if he didn't want me to be apart from him. Either way I'm happy so agree.

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