4. Notes

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"Urgh tell me please why life sucks?" I let out as I hang my coat up in the small office space me and Rona share.

She simply huffs a giggle asking me what now already sipping her morning coffee as she looked over today's paperwork. I shake my head not actually wanting to get into it instead heading to the coffee machine myself not even picking up my mug before more bad news came.

"Mr Dawson is in early today. He left a note asking if you can see him first thing." She tells me obviously sensing something wasn't right as I groaned tipping my head back. "If it's that bad already I'd take him a coffee." She finds it funny. That's because she doesn't know a single thing about yesterday...

Not wanting to but knowing she knew him better than me therefore probably right I poured him a coffee remembering he liked it strong without sugar, telling her to wish me luck as I left to go see him.

I don't know if I was anxious to what he could want, knowing yesterday I spoke a little out of turn but then again he acted wrong too, or if I was just a little apprehensive to what today could hold in store. It not helping now he knew I liked guys... if that made any difference.

My knock on his door is even quieter, meeker than normal before I slowly pushed the door open peeking inside not seeing him in there. Rona wouldn't of sent me if he wasn't here... I push it wider then step inside looking to his desk then towards his personal toilet then to the final side of the room just as he looks up at me from being sat on the new sofa he had brought a smile coming as he did. He looked like he had been tying his tie as he stood flattening it down on himself.

"Hey!" I'm taken aback by how chipper he sounded. "So I got to look at your notes from yesterday- thanks." He interrupts himself to take the coffee from me as I hold it out to him not wanting to be responsible for it any longer than I had to be. "They were great! How you write that fast I have no idea." He praises me.

"Oh probably just because I took notes in classes a lot." I try brushing it off embarrassed.

"Well either way you did amazing. I have another meeting today and need you with me." His pretty much already decided for me. I should be happy, proud of myself even and ecstatic to be given the chance but I don't really want to be spending the amount of time with him... I just get weird vibes with him.

"I'm meant to be with Rona again. I mean don't get me wrong I appreciate the offers but honestly I just don't understand. I'm the intern here to do all the crappy jobs not learn beside you..." I speak my mind. He rolls his eyes.

"Allister come on. I just want you to be able to use your full potential. It's totally up to you but I see a kid that deserves a shot. You're clever! Let me use you!" He stresses earning a blush as I bashfully look to the floor never before had anyone showed this interest in me and my so called potential. "The meeting is in about twenty minutes. Do you need to go grab some stuff before it starts?" He myself sense there's no way I will say no to going to it with him.

"Yeah. I need to..." I trail realising he wouldn't care what I needed to do so just stopping. "Never mind. Just give me ten?" I ask already walking backwards towards the door needing to get paper and pens and have a quick drink first because I now know just how long the meetings can be.

"Of course. Watch where you are walking. We don't need another accident." He winks at me making my belly flutter. Did he know what he was doing to me? Did he want me to feel this way?

We come out of the meeting about two hours later and although I'm not entirely sure what exactly happened I know that Daniel is absolutely buzzing after making some sort of deal that he wanted.

It's impossible to not feel some of his happiness as he cheers his way down the corridors seeming to tell everyone what happened.

"This is going to have to call for a celebration..." He says not sure if to me or just thinking aloud.

"So what? We are now partnered with Brokers?" I ask little naively earning the largest grin I'd ever seen from Daniel.

"Yes. And they have promised to get us Ad time too. It's a really great place for us to he and honestly I'd of never of ever thought about how important advertising was until you said so. So thanks again. Good work." He pats my shoulder as he passes me heading back into his office probably to finalise things.

He makes me feel great... As a boss goes I'm surprised by how relaxed he makes me. Yet still he can get me so nervous. Simply depends on what his doing and saying exactly. Yesterday's antics in his car quickly forgotten as I head back to the staff room to get another drink then crack on with finding Rona and some more work.

It isn't long though before I'm being called back into his office alone stopping me from my task of emptying the office bins, it not being as bad as it sounded as they consisted mostly of paper with the occasional thing like a banana skin or crisp wrapper.

"Yes?" I quickly ask as I poke my head around his office door not really wanting to go inside or spend lunch with him or anymore time with him today actually. He wasn't a bad guy and I loved working here already but I couldn't do another meeting my hand aching from the last and I couldn't eat with him again yesterdays embarrassment scaring me.

"Allister!" He cheers at the sight of me standing from his chair still looking just as happy as before .
"So I'm throwing a party in honour of the outcome of this morning's meeting and wanted to personally invite you." His still stood near his desk but across the room. He must see I'm not enthralled by what he had to say his grin wavering.

"Thanks but I might have to pass." I decide. A party wouldn't be my crowd especially not a party full of people twice my age where no doubt there would be alcohol too. I wouldn't feel comfortable if my Dad even would let me go anyway.

"You can't pass. I'm your boss and I'm telling you-" I cut him off surprised even myself that I had spoke over him but he must of been getting a little more accustomed to having someone who wouldn't just put up with him agreeing with everything he had to say just because.

"I'm underage. So probably shouldn't."

He raises his eyebrows at my confidence a smirk coming across his lips. "Well then you will have to stick with me all night so I can keep an eye on you. No misbehaving." He acts as though his already decided I'm going not taking no for an answer. At least not easily.

"I will have to speak to my Dad. It's kind of up to him." I finally admit feeling like an idiot. His fully grown. He can throw parties, drink alcohol, have sex with whoever or go wherever where as I still needed permission from Daddy... God how humiliating, worst if I'd of wanted to go anyway and my Dad say no.

"Yeah guess so..." He drags seeming lost in thought. "Or you could bend the truth a little..." He starts smirking at me making me frown unsure what exactly he could mean. "It could be an out of town work trip meaning you'd be away over night. I could always send him an email or better a permission slip." He winks my belly doing one of those flutters again as I felt him soon convincing me even if I didn't even want to go to the party. He was making it seem like he really wanted me there and that was kind of thrilling.

I find myself nodding agreeing with him.

"Great. I will have it typed up for you to take home today then. For this Saturday." He is generally looking forward to it I call see.

"Okay. I should get back to work." I tell him. He must see that even though I'm agreeing to go, going along with his idea of lying to my Dad I was still uneasy about going somewhere I wouldn't know anybody other than him and perhaps Rona if she went. Plus people would be drinking...

"I will look after you Allister don't you worry." He again smirked at me. Scared he'd be able to tell exactly what his making me feel I hurry to leave his office hoping I wouldn't see him again today. At least until tonight when he takes me home... I might even pretend I'm busy from when I'm supposed to finish at four up until he finishes at six just so I don't have to spend an entire two hours in his company even if just across the room in silence while he worked.

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