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**Nothing but smut**

My heart is racing as I answer his call knowing his finally alone and I prayed already back in his hotel room. It was just past ten here meaning he must have finished at six like last night then gotten a taxi straight back to his hotel, unless he was ringing from the taxi but I didn't think that was likely. I had gotten my hopes up that tonight we would take things a little further. He had promised me after all.

"Hey you!" He greets me cheekily his mood sounding great.

"How was work?" I ask hoping he'd had a better day than me. The office was boring without him made worse by me only having terrible tasks to do all day. They were the things I signed up for but was used to better because that's what Daniel had always given me.

"Good actually. Went over the proposals again and- never mind." He chuckles. "Let's forget work. Was your day okay?"

"Yeah. Guess so." I lie just to quickly change the subject. "You alone now?"

"Yes." He says with a sexy tone.

"I'm just eating though. You ever had a Wendy's?" He asks just as I hear paper bags crunching confirming what he was telling me.

"What is that?" I ask unsure.

"Like McDonald's. It's good. I have a burger and fries and a shake. It looks really good." He explains making me belly grumble, it sounded good the way he described it, better when he moaned at the taste. All I'd eaten for dinner tonight was chicken and chips with gravy... was good but not burger standard.

"Good?" I check already knowing the answer. He again just moans making my smile grow.

"What did you eat yesterday?" I try making light conversation with him not planning out though what we would talk about tonight my body just craving some attention as I'd purposely held back all evening. The knowledge and anticipation meaning I had a lingering semi it getting more than that when I let myself think too long about what would happen.

"A burger... again." He laughs through his food. "What else is there here?" He excuses himself.

I lay back onto my pillows only wearing my boxers the duvet piled near my feet. I looked down at my body tracing my finger tips over the outline of my ribs then over my bare stomach dipping over my belly button stopping with almost a sight at my boxers laying my hand flat.

"What?" He hears sounding concerned. I shake it off.

"No nothing." I rush to cover up only he pushes me to tell him most certainly worried. "It's nothing really. I'm just... you know." I already feel my cheeks turning red.

"Oh sorry. Have I been keeping you waiting?" He knows exactly what I mean somehow.

"A little." I mumble.

"Two more minutes while I clear this away and wash my hands." He orders.

"You've eaten already?" I ask looking to the tent forming in my underwear so tempted to palm it only not because I wanted to only please myself in the ways he told me to tonight.

"Yeah. No wasting time tonight." He laughs. I hear the tap running.

"Distract me before I do something bad." I whisper. He hums.

"You watching any TV?" He asks from the top of his head. I look up at my TV that was hung on the wall it playing repeats of Family guy.

"It's on but I'm not watching it." I say just as I hear him flop down onto his bed. I wondered what his room looked like... how big the bed is. What colour sheets he has on it. How many pillows.

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