27. Don't get used to it

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He laughs, like real belly laughs with me not just chuckles at me like he usually does. This past hour I've almost seen a different side to him at least whilst here in the office. His acting how he had when we were on our date... if it was a date. His care free and not so uptight worrying about appearances or trying to have the upper hand. It's nice. He helps me feel relaxed. No longer am I hard nor embarrassing myself by being so horny for him making me act like I have no power over my sexual urges, which is true, I don't yet.

His drinking the coffee that today he made for himself, me sipping still on the hot chocolate he'd brought me over even when I'd said no thanks to his offer being scared I'd spill it again, the marks still on his desk from my previous hot drink issues. He trusted me still when I'd given him every reason not to. This time though he brought it in an actual mug with a handle not a paper cup. He sat it on the desk far enough from my reach telling me to let it cool off first, reminding me about it fifteen whole minutes later. It was perfect for me.

"So what then he just upped and left?" He asks through his laughing.

"Yeah." I smile still him finding a way to make me blush this time being because I liked seeing that I was able to bring this side out of him. My stories somehow able to make him laugh this much. I'd have thought non of my experiences in life could ever be this good to him.

"God Allister." He sits forward putting his cup on the edge of his desk. I see it and lean back in my seat weary of getting close to it just in case. "This is dangerous."

"What that? Around me of all people." I point to his cup making him laugh again.

"No. I mean how well we can get on. I've honestly missed you these past couple of days." He admits again it making me blush as I dip my head down. Could I admit I've missed this too? I'd been trying so hard to convince myself the only thing between us was physical. That we would never have much in common and that it would become evident the longer we spoke only I was wrong.

Things I found funny he did.

Shows I liked he had already seen.

Music we had in common that clear when he asked to play music whilst we worked the first song he picked my absolute jam right now.
Not that I told him that not needing to boost his ego anymore.

Food we both agreed on too as well as where to eat at.

We were in trouble if we kept getting to know each other like this he was right there. I was really starting to see myself in ways with him I hadn't before... another date. His mouth on mine and not just on my body sexually.

And damn I wanted to hug him too. We had never hugged. I wondered what it must feel like to have his huge body embrace me. I bet he felt safe.

"This is exactly what I feared would happen." He continues truthfully.

I nod agreeing with him finally that this was now involving our feelings not just our sexual desires anymore.

"I'm so bloody close to caving in." He sighs slumping in his seat again.

"And doing what?" I ask nervously.

"Anything. Everything. A whole lot of stuff I've been forcing myself to do not." He speaks certain of himself.

"We shouldn't." I want to sigh because I'm finally letting myself realise I feel the same and know exactly why his saying this is bad. It evident just how much it would effect our work life considering the rumours without evidence of anything really happening alone practically brought the office to a stand still. I saw how some people would go to Rona instead of me for stuff. How people avoided talking with me or would give me looks as if to say I know what dirty stuff you get up to. They all thought that I was fucking my way to the top just like Daniel had said they would. I could only imagine what people began treating him like. It somewhat mattering more with him as he was the boss here. If they didn't treat him with respect like his used to then I bet that it made his day to day here difficult. Then there's he deals he has. Hopefully nobody heard anything and the lies hadn't left the staff working here.

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