22. Date?

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I step out of the building in a nervous wreck, walking with my head down towards the car park where we had agreed to meet to save suspicion as we were both in our own casual clothes. I'm not sure where exactly we were going today but it would be someplace private wherever we planned. Don't get me wrong I was excited after all this is what I wanted but I was becoming increasingly more aware of why Daniel would be sceptical of us becoming anything serious.

What if we had nothing in common? What if he thought my interests were childish? Should I tell him I love watching and re watching shows like family guy and American dad when nothing else is on at night? Do I ask him if his ever watched the vampire diaries my favourite program I was committed to watching since I discovered it at age fourteen realising I found the brothers cute? What about if he asks where I like to go out to eat? I bet he eats at nice restaurants where me and my friends eat at Nando's or burger king if we meet up. Would he like the same food as me? Is pizza a teenage thing that you grow out of or now am I over looking into everything? Fuck.
I spot him already sat waiting in his car ahead of me and try to calm myself by taking a deep final breath in only letting it out as I grab his door handle of the car and let myself inside.

"Hey! You took ages!" He complains with a smile to me his entire attitude helping to calm me down as I remember that up until now there has been nothing, at least that his mentioned, that he finds childish about me other than I suppose my behaviour at times.

"Well at least it won't look like we are meeting out here." I tell him as I belt my seatbelt up avoiding looking at what he was wearing not wanting to make myself flustered or feel under dressed knowing he still probably was wearing something that looked nicer than my light wash trousers and oversized red check shirt.

"Did you want to eat? I was kind of planning we go grab some food then maybe find someplace private to gang out?" He asks. At least he had a plan.

"Yeah... I didn't really know what we would do... so whatever you thought I'm good with." I look to him as I speak slipping up and seeing he was wearing a really snugly fit black t-shirt it hugging him defining his chest in ways I'd never of thought just a simple top could of... damn it looked nice. I bet it's because even his basic tees are from some really expensive brand.

"Cool... if we go to some place a little further out of town nobody will take notice of us. We can eat at some small pub or something?" He asks as he starts his car seeming to of already made his mind up.

"Fine by me." I mumble ready to just get out of here.

"What did you say to your Dad about what you were doing tonight?" He makes conversation as we drive.

I shrug my shoulders. "That I was seeing friends. He isn't really strict or anything so he doesn't ask for details just when to expect me home."

"And when would you of said that would be? Hat time do I have your company until?" I feel him look over at me from the road smiling playfully.

"Well I told him I wasn't really sure but probably before eleven. I can always ring him if it's different." I again shrug my shoulders acting like I wasn't expecting anything to come from tonight. We were only getting to know each other. Say this was labelled as a date, which I'm not so sure it would be, then I wouldn't think a first date would go on that long... but then it's past five now and we need to get food then he wants to take me someplace else, both out of town so who knows.

He just nods then asks if I'm ready to go. With a final breath as I thought this over I breathe out the word ready not fully believing myself though. Until now this is what I wanted. I wanted to spend time with him. I liked when we were together and the idea that we could get even closer. I wanted to think he liked me and him taking me out when he didn't need to for any reason should make me realise he does like me... But I'm now so scared. Not only of him finding out he doesn't or me discovering I actually don't but also scared of what others would think when that should be his worry and not mine, up until now not even giving others a second thought.

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