Part- 3 Ishani- "Nani !!! Joshik came"

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Aadvik's Pov:

Ishani's Dad: "Are you sure you will marry Ishani?."

Dad said angrily : " Exactly, Do you even know what are you speaking?" And added let me talk to him.

Dad took me with him aside and said "Are you in your senses? You both don't even know each other."

I replied" What has this to do with marrying her that we don't know each other. We could know each other later too?"

Dad said "Marriage is about compatibility, responsibility, and love. How would you both bond with each other without it?"

Aadvik " Dad, Ishani's Dad is making her marry with that obsessed stalker."

Dad - " You are not understanding that you both have never even talked to each other in. You both are stranger for each other and added that I have seen Ishani grown up ,she is calm and fun living girl while you are a workaholic person and no social life."

I replied -" Dad, You know it very well that Ishani's Dad will make her marry with someone for sure today under society's pressure. And yes, we don't know each other well but I promise you that I will make her ten times happier than her boyfriend or that stalker"

Dad - " Fine, Now answer me,you was about to move England again and continue working there.Then how could you marry Ishani?"

I replied " I have changed my decision. I wont return instead I would do business in India, in our company itself."
(I said to myself in mind: After all working in England was because I wanted to somehow forget about Ishani by living far away from her. Though I knew it wouldn't be that easy to forget her and stop loving her)

Dad stunned and said " You won't leave. Is Ishani the only reason that my stubborn son would change his decision?"

I said to myself " She had become the most special person from the very first moment I had met her in my childhood and from that moment I don't know but I never felt this type of feeling for any other person all this years"

Dad : " Where are you lost? Fine, since you had told that you wont leave India and also determined to marry her , but Remember she is like my own daughter so you be careful with her." And added that he agrees for me to marry Ishani.

"What are you both talking? and why would he marry Ishani?" said Mom.

I said to Dad to inform Ishani's Dad and till then I would explain everything to mom.

I replied " Mom, calm down.

"How could I calm down. Its not that I don't like Ishani and what has happened with her at the end moment is not good but why would you marry someone you don't know." Replied Mom in frustrated tone.

I replied " Mom, I like her infact I love her a lot but I never let anyone know about this because I knew that Ishani liked someone else. And I couldn't let her marry that stalker.Also this is my only Chance"

Mom replied : " You both never met. You were in England. How would you love her. Do you take me a fool?"

I said " Mom, I am not lying. I really liked her from many years from the day you all had introduced her to me. She might not remember me because she was younger than me but I do. And i really cant get her out from my mind"

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