First time : Deal sealed

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Hey my hottiepie's, Merry Christmas to you all♥️
I know some might say it was a same day and nothing special. But atleast you could have a fun with my reading on today's part.😊

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DD's P.O.V:

As they walked towards the place, the night view with so much fresh and cold air with the smell of nature scent. With the amazing view of night sky full of stars

"I cant believe it. Its just so Beautiful. Which place is this? "Ishani asked while looking at sky.

"Its Thol Lake." Aadvik replied while completely mesmerized looking how happy she was.

"Its my first time seeing the beautiful scenery of stargazing." Ishani replied.
"And its my first time too. I returned from London just few days back so truly speaking I wasn't familiar much with here. " Aadvik replied.

(DD : stargazing. Its not exact same. But still i thought to show you all. Well i never had seen too this stargazing in real but i think it would be great to see it. Whats you all thoughts?)

"But how did you knew about this place then?" Ishani asked looking at him

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"But how did you knew about this place then?" Ishani asked looking at him.

"I searched on internet. The location from google maps. While Rann of kachchh was the best shown in Gujarat but it would take long hours to reach there. While here it only took one hour something. " Aadvik replied.

Ishani shakes her head little left and then right and said - " Its already the best view here itself"

"I am glad you liked it " Aadvik replied smiling at me.

Ishani replied completely happy looking at the sky: I not liked it but literally loved this view. I truly like the nature view so much.

"I know " He murmured

" What do you mean by you know?" Ishani asked in confusion because she heard it.

Aadvik being a bit scared but calmly replied"I mean Everyone loves nature so I know that feeling too"

Aadvik thought in his head : "How could I not know what you like and what you know. I had been following you on your social media with an fake id from long time now. I never missed your any Stories. I had tried to get as many information as i could get Though your posts were all about your career but atleast stories were about you. And since from that I had known many of yours taste and preferences."

Ishani said : "Well.... I umh.. actually"

Aadvik replied before she finished :

"You can tell or ask me anything without hesitation."

Ishani replied : " I actually don't remember your name. Don't get me wrong I sometimes forget names unless I kept hearing it in repetition. Dad told but I think I forgot."

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