The assignment

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DD's POV :

Ishani came inside the room and closed the door, thought - " Neel left so I have to stay here. I can't leave him alone. "

Ishani went inside the washroom and by closing the door said " Why am I feeling so tired ? And what's wrong with me? Why was I letting him kiss me? He was in drunk state but not me. Bholenath! what is happening with me? Why am I behaving this way? Suddenly I got frustrated with Mr. Mehta and in very next moment I think he is way too good."

Ishani grabbed her hair with both hands in frustration and says " Don't think this way. Get in your senses, Ishani. Don't even think about it."

Aadvik slowly opens his eyes and looks everywhere as he heard the sound of closing the door of the washroom and thinks " You said it was hurting you when I was up on you. Otherwise I wouldn't get up from you this quickly atleast not for this time. But Before Ishani comes I should again act as if I am already asleep."

Ishani washed her face. Aadvik heard the sound of water and slept properly on the bed acting as if he had slept. Ishani came out of the washroom.

Ishani saw Aadvik was sleeping on the bed in the right way(head on pillow ) and thought " He was sleeping completely opposite five minutes before. It's good though I don't have to do anything then."

Ishani went near Aadvik who was sleeping on the bed and sat on the bed.

Ishani was constantly looking at him thought " Could you really get this drunk. If you can't drink then why did you even go to drink alone? It's so confusing? I have so many questions to ask. Will he even remember tomorrow in the morning, what he did today? Is it possible that he was thinking about any other girl and mistook her with me. Yes! Otherwise why would he came so close to me. That could be the only reason. He must like a girl. Maybe in London? But who would she be?"

Ishani looked everywhere and thought " Where is his phone? "

Ishani took her phone in her hands and called on Advik's number from her phone which was ringing from his pocket.

Ishani thought " Should I remove the phone? But it is not appropriate to take his phone without asking him. I just want to know about that girl. If he likes someone then there would be something I can find in his phone. How will I remove it from his pocket ? no way! I will check some other time."

Ishani turned the lights off , She slept facing toward Aadvik and was looking at his face.
She took her right hand forward and touched his cheeks with her forefinger and smiled without making noice. Then she again touches his face with her fingers repeatedly by covering her lips with her left hands and smiling silently.

Aadvik was super happy from inside, thinking " It's the first time she touched me this way. But would she even look at me if I was awake?"

Aadvik opened his eyes slowly. Ishani widened her eyes and stopped her hands halfway and even stopped breathing, thinking " Did he wake up? Shit I am done now. What always goes in my mind. Why do I even have to touch him? "

Aadvik pulled her towards him more from her waist and then closed his eyes( still acting). Ishani took a deep breath, getting relaxed and thought " Thank you Bholenath, he is still sleeping. Otherwise, how could I face him and what would i answer?"

Ishani took his hands from her waist so she can move away from him.

But Ishani could not able to take his hands from her waist says " I can't even move his hands.How tightly he had grabbed it. Do you have a habit of grabbing pillow or any toy tightly while sleeping?"

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