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Aadvik took the glass of turmeric(haldi) milk and gave it to Ishani.

Ishani gave a quick look and then looked at Aadvik with a pout. Aadvik said " Dont look at me, i already mentioned about Mom treatment. It would have been better if you went to doctor along with me."

Ishani said " I didnt knew mom will do all these. From the moment we have returned she is making me eat different things. I am so full already "

Ishani added " I dont want to drink. "

Aadvik said " Then tell this to mom. She sent this ."

Ishani replied '' I dont want to make her unhappy, i cant deny her."

Aadvik said '' Then drink it."

Ishani stood on her knees on the bed and smiled looking at Aadvik.

Aadvik folded his arms and said '' why doi feel that there is something going on in your head."

Ishani kept the glass on the table and said while wrapping her hands around his neck " You will drink it. She wont know and i dont have to deny or upset her."

Aadvik replied" And Why do you think i will do this cheating? i am not going to drink it."

Ishani replied " I am not requesting that are denying, i am demanding you to drink it."

Aadvik asked " so sure of yourself?"

Ishani gave a kiss on his cheek and then whispered in her ears " What do you think now. ?"

Aadvik picked her up gently by wrapping his arms around her knees and as their eyes were locked with each other, he spun her round continuously in excitement and she giggled and said " You will make me fall. Stop now."

Neel entering at the very moment said " Arey, re, re,re, re,re, re......! "

Aadvik puts Ishani down and he said '' meine kuch nhi dekha hai , mein chala "

(Translation: I haven't seen anything, i will leave)

Aadvik replied whil putting her down" Ha toj jaa na ab." ( Translation: So leave now.)

Neel said " Bhai, itni jaldi kaise? voh haldi ka dhoodh toh pila do Bhabhiji ko. Mummy ne mujhe nhi chodna hai agar meine khali glass nhi le gyaa."

(Translation: Brother, how can i leave so soon? Make bhabhiji drink the turmeric milk. Mom wont spare me, if i dont take empty glass)

Ishani took the glass and went towards Neel and said " Devarji. "

Neel replies" Ji bhabhiji."

Ishani said while forwarding the glass towards him " Drink it. "

Neel replied while taking the glass " Hain? Why me? " And added ' Wait, you were making this drink to bhai, right? But he didn't drink it so you are now targeting me."

Ishani smiled and said '' You got it rihht, now Finish it."

Neel said " I only drink my chai (tea), so i can't drink Bhabhiji sorry."

Ishani replied '' You are going to drink this."

Aadvik said while coming towards them " He wont drink, i will finish it"

Neel smiled and was about to give to Aadvik.

Ishani stopped him to come forward and said " Naah! He will finish it now."

Neel said " Bhabhijiiiiii "

Ishani replied " No excuse drink it."

Neel started drinking it slowly and then drink all of it at once. And there shoutes " Ishani, Neel and Aadvik come to my room now." said Aadvik's mom.

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