Kiss Mark

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Kiss me, kiss me
Say that you miss me
Tell me what i wanna here
Tell me you love me
                (Justin beiber)


The moment Ishani opens the door of Aadvik’s office without knocking in a hurry. Ishani started speaking without looking “ I am sorry, I am late. Here is your file. I…. “ and Ishani stops when she sees Lakshita standing with Aadvik.

Aadvik and Lakshita looked at her as soon as they  heard Ishani speak. Lakshita said “ Oh, Hiii ishani.”

Ishani walked towards Aadvik and gave the file in his hands. Aadvik said “ Thank you.”

Ishani turned around, Aadvik asked  “ Where are you going?” Ishani didn’t stop while quickly walking and replied “ I have to go!”

Aadvik was going behind her but Lakshita said “ I have to ask you something.” Aadvik kept the file on the table and said while walking immediately towards the door “ I will talk later.” 

Ishani was walking towards the elevator and Aadvik went behind her. Aadvik shouted “ Ishani”

 Ishani didn’t stop, instead went inside the elevator before Aadvik could reach there.

Aadvik said to himself “ What happened to her? Why is she angry?”

Aadvik’s PA came and said “ Sorry sir, I didn’t knew mam would get upset because of receptionist behavior.”

Aadvik asked “ What ?” Aadvik’s PA replied “ He didn’t believe her that she is your wife and was not letting her inside.” Aadvik said “ Suspend him for one week. “

Aadvik’s pa replied in shock “ Sir, but your father.” Aadvik replied “ You also want to get suspended?” 

Aadvik pa said “ sorry i will do.” Aadvik replied “ Inform him If his behavior doesn't change.He will be replaced.”

 Aadvik calls his mom . 

His mom picked up and he asked “ Mom, how did Ishani came here?” 

Ishani’s Mom replied “ With our driver, why?” Aadvik replied “ ok thanks!’’ 

Aadvik’s Mom said to herself in confusion “ What's wrong with him? ”

Aavik calls his driver “ You can go back home kaka(uncle) “ His driver asks “ Why? I think she is already coming outside the office” Aadvik replied “ Kaka, kaka!!! please go without her. I will explain later.”

His driver replied, “ Ok. I am already far away.She hasn't seen me yet .I will leave immediately.”

Aadvik  said ‘’ Thank you”


Aadvik went inside the elevator and went outside the office. 

Ishani thinks “Did the driver already go?” Ishani said to herself touching her forehead  “ I forgot to tell him about..”

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