Jealous Aadvik

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Ishani asked in shock " How many things do you hide from me? "

He smiled while coming closer to her " How much do you want to know? "

Ishani replied " Everything" while folding her arms

Aadvik replied while moving a step backwards " I stalked you on Instagram, from the time when you started the Instagram account. "

Ishani asked in confusion " wait - how? "

Aadvik replied " You don't know me but I remember you." And showed her in his phone " This are the pictures i saved from years in a hidden file. There are more in my pendrive."

Ishani looked at him and said " This is... Let me process it. I am still very much confused "

Aadvik smiled and said " Don't get shock that's the reason i didn't want to reveal everything at once. "

Ishani asked " If you knew me, then why didnt you ever talked to me? "

Aadvik replied" Do you remember i texted you ? "

Ishani asked in curiousness" When? "

Aadvik replied " With my account named : anonymous bee and then you blocked me, because you got annoyed with me i think."

Ishani widened her eyes and asked immediately " Wait ! You were that dheet(stubborn ) I blocked on insta ? "

Ishani turned towards the mirror quickly and thought " Oh no! I shouldn't have to use the word dheet. Why do I feel he is staring at me. I should leave now before i get in trouble."

Aadvik came closer to her and pulled her by her waist in a sudden movement, while making her sit on the mirror table and whispered in her ears" Dheet batau kya hota hai? "

Ishani eyes widened and her heartbeat started increasing as she stuttered " I - I didn't meant it tha" but before she completed the sentence, he moved his lips towards her neck kissing and then sucking on her neck.

Ishani clutched his shirt and formed the words " Not there ! It will leave a mark. I dont like this."

Aadvik pulled back while looking at her and said " Okay, i wont do anything that makes you uncomfortable ." And she breathed heavily with a relief... he added " But that doesnt mean that I will stop." With that he pulled her into a passionate kiss and she kissed him back, they both were lost in the moment and there comes sound of knocking the door, Neel shoutes " Bhai."

Ishani pushed his chest but he didnt seem to leave her. Ishani again pushed her chest while applying little force on it and then he leave her lips and said " Dont pay attention on him. He will go by himself if i dont reply"

Aadvik was again going to kiss her,but she keeps her hand on his lips while stopping him and said " Go and open the door."

Aadvik gave an annoyed look " You are taking his side. He will always disturb our moment.".

Ishani said " Stop acting like a five year old kid. And go."

Aadvik leave his hands from her waist and walked towards the door while Ishani stood up from the table and covering her neck with the dupatta.

Neel said " Bhai, Dad has called you for some work."

Aadvik thought " When did dad started work on holi. "

Aadvik and Neel left.

Ishani thought " He knew me from long time, but i didnt knew him. I am still little confused " she blushed thinking all her photos saved in his phone.

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