Advik is Drunk?

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Ishani's POV :

Anika said in a hurry " Everyone tried calling Aadvik bro but he isn't picking up anyone's call and he didn't even told before going."

I replied " Ok calm down. Relax! he didn't told me where he was going but let me call him."

Anika replied " I will go inform Badi Mom because as always she will be most tensed for him." Anika went down.

I called Mr. Mehta . He picked up the call. Neel came and started speaking " Bhabhiji, Do you.... " I showed him my hands to stop speaking and wait.

In someone's voice " hello?" I asked " Who's speaking."
A man's voice came and asked " Who are you?"
I replied in anger " What do you mean? Its not your phone. Its my husband's phone - Advik Mehta. In addition you are asking me instead of replying?"

He immeditealy said " Sorry, Maam. Actuallt I am at the restaurant and the phone owner is maybe in washroom. It was ringing from quite long time so I thought to pick the call."

I asked " When he comes, tell him to call me immeditealy then." He said " I think he might be drunk. On his table drinks are there in glasses."

I shouted " Drunk??? Where is he? Which place? Do you know he is fine or not?"

Neel took the phone from my hands and started asking him the location and then cut the call.
I said " Why did you take the phone from my hands?"

he replied " Bhabhiji, If you asked in such a hurry and worry. We wont get to know anything."

I replied " And since you know everything now. Speak fast."

He said " Bhabiji, Don't let anyone know he is drunk for now. You take the car keys and we will go there immediately.

I replied " Okay, then lets go " We went down. Neel said to Aunty " Mom, Aadvik bro had picked up the call and said " He was with one of his business friend."

Aunt immediately asked " Why didn't he picked up the call then. How did he picked up your call?" Neel replied " Mom it was not mine instead Bhabhiji's call. After all he can ignore everyone's call. But not of Bhabhiji's."

I thought in my mind " This dumb. What will Aunty think in this way. Don't have any sense of maturity.Now I understood why even Mr. Mehta stays strict with her."

Aunty replied looking to me" Thankfully Ishani, Atleast he picked up your call. He wont stay without giving me stress. He lived in London and because of that still i dont know many things.You entered in his life at perfect timing. Otherwise what's more he would start to give me unnecessary worries."

Neel said " Mom talk later. We have some work with Bhai. He wanted these documents. We will take it to him."

I thought " He had prepared the whole damn script in just some minutes. Great!!! I wonder how many times he had lied to everyone making it seem so real for his own use."

He said " Lets go Bhabhiji." We went outside towards the car.

He said " Bhabhiji, Give me the car keys."

I replied " Sit inside. I will drive. " He asked amused " Bhabhiji, Can you drive?"

I replied " I learnt driving from my college years. I drive very well. The way you are doubting will be cleared after this.Sit inside and Tell me the location."

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