First Hug

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Its me hiii, I’m the problem its me!!! – Taylor swift


The moment Ishani’s Nani raised her hands to slap her. Ishani closed her eyes but Aadvik immediately came inside the room and stood in front of Ishani and Nani stopped her hands. 

Nani’s eyes widened.

Aadvik said “ Nani, I don’t think it's right to raise your hands on her!”

Nani replied angrily “ She is my granddaughter. Don’t ever come in between.”

Aadvik replied “ And she Is my wife. So I won't tolerate it . I repeat it again - ‘anyone’ ! “

Ishani’s Dad came hearing their voice and asked in confusion “ What happened to you all? And added “ Isha, why are you crying?” 

Aadvik said to her dad “ We are leaving.” 

Ishani’s dad replied “ Why so soon?”

Aadvik replied by looking at her nani “Anywhere if Ishani is not treated in the right way. I won't let her stay there for one second also ” 

Ishani’s Dad  said to Nani “ Mummy ji, why aren’t you speaking?”

Ishani’s Nani turned to the opposite side so as to not face anyone. 

Aadvik held Ishani’s wrist and said to Ishani’s dad “ We are leaving.”

They left.

Ishani’s Dad asked Nani “ What has happened exactly? Why was Ishani crying and Aadvik so angry.”

Nani left from there to her room. 

Ishani and Aadvik both went downstairs, while Ishani’s tears didn’t stop because of her Nani’s sentence ‘ Yes you the problem and the curse for my daughter’s life ‘ echoed in her ears again and again.

They both went outside the house. Ishani jerked her hands when Aadvik was going to open the door of the car.

Aadvik is confused and looks at her while she turns away from him and says, hardly breathing, “ Leave me alone.”

Aadvik saw her hands were shaking and her voice could tell how much hurt she was. 

Aadvik said “ I know you are hurt” Ishani replied “ No !! you don’t . You don’t know how it feels. Only those who experience it know how it feels.” 

Aadvik said “ I don’t want to m…”

Ishani said “ Mujhe apna gussa aap pe nahi nikalna JANE dijiye mujhe please!”

“  I don’t want to remove my frustration on you,leave me please.”

Ishani was just about to walk from there where Aadvik pulled her towards him by grabbing her waist and hugged her tightly. 

Ishani tried to remove herself but he held her more tightly and said “ Meine Shaadi aapko jane dene ke liye nhi ki hai. Aur agar aapka gussa mujhpe nikalne se aapko acha feel hota hai then I wont mind.”     (translation : I haven’t married you to let you go  and if you feel better after removing your frustration on me then i wont mind )

Aadvik could feel Ishani was shivering and she couldn't stop crying. 

Ishani said “ I don’t like anyone watching me crying. “

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