Jealous ishani

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DD pov :

Aadvik made Ishani sit on the bed and went to close the door.

The moment he turned, he saw Ishani stood up from the bed and threw her dupatta on the bed while she was losing her balance but before that he grabbed her waist making her firmly stand on her place.

Ishani jerked his hands from her waist and pointed her finger at him angrily “ Don't touch me or even stay close to me. You clearly lied “

But again she was falling backwards so he held her arms.

Ishani turned her face towards his hands which was on her arms and then shifted her gaze at his face in annoyance.

Aadvik thought ” She is angry because I acted like I was drunk.” And he leave his hands from her and steps back while she took the support of the wall at the right side in confusion.

Aadvik said “ Okay, I wont touch.”

Ishani replied annoyingly “ I was right, you like lakshita. “ 

Aadvik thought “ What the heck is this now? Me and Lakshita are never gonna happen.” And he said “ Ishani, i don't..” then he stopped, as he thouhht “ She is not even sober, whatever i will tell it won't be of any worth.”

Aadvik said “ You should sleep now.”

Ishani replied “ I knew you have changed now, as last time when i told you to leave me but you didn't - stating that i haven't married you to leave just like that. “ 

And added with a pout while again pointing a finger towards him “ But now when i told, you just said okay? “

Ishani walked towards the mirror.

Aadvik said while coming closer towards her “ Okay, we will talk about it afterwards.”

Ishani said “ No” and turned towards him and said while hitting on his chest “ Not afterwards, clear it out now itself. If you liked her then why did you act drunk in front of me? Also you told me to give this relationship a chance. Why, Mr. Mehta? ”

Aadvik said “ Ishani,  You have been misunderstood.”

Ishani was still hitting on his chest and replied ” I am not misunderstanding anything “ 

Aadvik held her both hands to stop her from hitting him and Ishani said “ You can't leave my feelings hanging in between.I will still give a last chance.If you love me, then it should be only me. No one should ever come in between two of us. And if you choose lakshita then I…”

Aadvik interrupted her and replied ‘’ I have married you and I am your husband. Not her”

Ishani jerked his hands and clutched his collar of shirt in angrer and said looking into his eyes “ You are my husband then you will only look at me and talk to me. You cant talk or meet with her “ And added” I don't care if it is called selfishness but what's mine -  that's completely mine. I won't share even a bit. “

Aadvik was holding his laugh and thought “ I thought she was angry with me, but she is just jealous. And I love the jealous side of Ishani. I am loving her all the sides. But this one is my favorite.”

Ishani asked “ Now reply me?”

Aadvik said “ I don't like Lakshita.  And I will be completely and only yours for the rest of my life. “

Ishani said as her eyes start to become drowsy” Promise me then.”

Aadvik smiles and replied” I promise, my Hottie Pie.”

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