Ishani is Tricked

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I think i got an ex but i forgot him
And I can't find my chill. I must have lost it. I don't even know i am talking nonsense
( Nonsense - by Sabrina carpenter)

Quick Recap : They were playing never have i ever game and neel exposed aadvik secret that he can drink but he just acted in front of ishani.


Ishani quickly stood up from the couch and said " I have to make an urgent call, so I will leave." and just as she took some steps, she stops and said without turning behind " I am tired. I won't come back to play. You all enjoy. Good night."

Ishani then went straight inside the room taking the stairs.

Aadvik stood up after drinking the glass of wine in one go, as he was the first one who had loose in the game.

Aadvik went towards Neel.

Neel understood that he had messed up and immediately stood up from the couch in fear and shouted " Bhai, I just helped you once again as always "

Aadvik replied " You haven't helped me in anything anyday."

Neel pointed his finger towards Harshil and said " He told me. Or else I wouldn't have done this."

Tanvi and Karan looked at each other in confusion.

Neel said " Bhai, you can beat me later but first, go to bhabhiji. "

Aadvik stopped and thought " What if she would be angry that I have acted? It has already happened and cannot be changed now. I need to tell her about my feelings anyway."

With this Aadvik turned towards the stairs and Neel took a sigh in relief.


Ishani closed the door of the room and started walking here and there.

Ishani says to herself " He was not drunk that day."

Ishani started getting glimpse of that night moments .And as she realises she was smiling now standing at a place. So thought " I might be out of my mind that I am liking the thought even after what Mr. Mehta has done.I should be angry"

Ishani again got rewinded to the moment when Aadvik was almost kissing her and she shook her head and said in frustration " No! I should distract myself. I cant think about it. I must have lost my mind. The moment i have married Mr. Mehta i dont even think about Joshik anymore. I have already get cheated. Should i trust again?"


Aadvik went inside the room, after informing them that he wont continue playing the game too.

Aadvik opened the door as it was not locked from inside.

Ishani removed her night clothes from her bag and at the moment she realized that he had entered inside. She put the bag on the table and quickly walked towards the washroom door while looking at the ground as she dont want to even look at him and then she felt a bit ease when she almost opened the door of the washroom but before she enters inside Aadvik held her wrist, pinning her on the wall and by caging her between his hands and the wall.

Ishani stuttered " w- why did you?" and got confused about what to speak further as her nervousness increased and started breathing heavily.

Aadvik said "why didnt you continue the game?"

Ishani didnt look at him the whole time and tried to push him but he didn't even move a bit.

She says " I have to change. Move"

Aadvik said " Not this time! " and added " Ishani, you already know. I was not drunk and those actions were real. Even when I asked you that day for giving this relationship a chance.I was not joking so I really think that if you can consider giving this realtionship a chance. I guarantee that you wont regret this decision"

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