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I mentioned yesterday on insta story that i will update but after that i changed the scenes a bit.So i updated this part today which was meant to arrive yesterday.I hope you will like this chapter.

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Tanvi (Ishani’s best friend) got a call.
Tanvi said “ Who’s speaking.’’ A girl replied '' Di, I am your sister's friend. Actually we have come to the club after tutions. And, she is in a bit of trouble. She was just trying to have a sip of wine. And ..”
Tanvi said “ And what?”
Girl replied “ She’s drunk!” Tanvi shoutes“ What!” and added “ Send me the location. I will immediately arrive there. But Till then take care of her.”
Tanvi cuts the call. Tanvi said “ I can't believe this girl.  If papa knew about it she would be so done for sure. But I will not spare her this time.”
Tanvi takes her car and arrives outside the club.
She went inside and started looking for Nysha in a crowd of so many people.

Tanvi saw a man was holding her and was near to her face. Tanvi immediately went towards him and slapped him tightly and held Nysha. Karan while his hands was on her right cheek which tanvi slapped made it  red said “ What the fuck!”
Tanvi replied “ Dare you again, even look at my sister.” Karan comes closer towards her and Tanvi immediately hides Nysha behind her . Karan said “ Are you out of your mind! Why did you slap me? Tanvi replied “ Don’t you already know why?. Tanvi said “ Ghatiya insaan!” Tanvi turned to go but Karan held her wrist tightly and pulled her towards him and said “ Who are you to slap me for no reason?” Tanvi tried to remove his hands from her wrist which was hurting her because of his tight hold. Tanvi said looking at his hands “ Leave” Karan replied “Answer me first”  Tanvi replied “ You were misbehaving with my sister. Are you dumb or still acting like one?”
Karan replied “ Dimag ka screw dheela hai tumhara . Jake sahi karavna “ Tanvi replied “ Aur character dheela hai tumhara. Use tum sahi karva lena.”
Karan said  “ I instead helped her from those idiots who were hitting on her. And she is a child yet, teach her not to drink when she can't handle liquor. And from next time don’t jump into conclusions before knowing the truth.”
Tanvi replied “ You will obviously lie, since you are caught now. “
Tanvi went taking Nysha with her, who was drunk .
Karan looked at her furiously and said “ Kokky – such a crazy girl.I hope i never get to see her again or I swear something huge will take place.”
Out of the club,
Tanvi takes Nysha towards the car.
Nysha jerked her hand and said “ Leave me “ and started acting walking in a weird way. Tanvi again held her and said angrily “ Who told you to drink? You are still a kid yet! What if I didn’t arrive on time, what could he do?”
Nysha said while putting her one finger on Tanvi’s lips and said “ Shut up! Finger on your lips.”
Tanvi slapped Nysha’s hand and said “ I have seen your all sides but that doesn’t mean you had to show me the most irritating side by getting drunk.”
Nysha replied while blinking her eyes “ Oh Tanvi! Listen, you are my big sister, you can't run away from your responsibility. Do you remember papa’s words?”
Tanvi replied while tapping on Nysha’s head “ You called me by my name. Where did your manners go?”
Nysha said laughing in a cute way “ It flew away in other galaxies. It won't come.”
Tanvi again tapped her head and said “ I will complain to papa. I don’t have any other option. Then only you will return from the galaxy to the earth again. Tanvi tried to take her inside the car.
Nysha sat down on the ground and said “ I won't go. You are bad, too bad. '' and started hitting on her legs.
Tanvi kept her hands on her waist and said angrily “ Just stop your drama, it is too much for today. Let's go home.”
Nysha denied. Tanvi tried to make her stand up but she didn’t move a bit. Tanvi said “ Stand up now, don't give me more trouble.”
Nysha sang “ No- ooooooo”
Tanvi called Ishani.
Ishani picked up.
Tanvi said “ Ishani where are you? I need you now itself.”
Ishani asked “ What happened, So sudden? “ tanvi replied “ Your favorite – Nysha, she is drunk and I am outside the club with her but she is not listening to me. She will only understand your language.”
Ishani replied “ Tell me the location. I am coming and don’t scold her.she is just a kid.”
Tanvi replied “ Do kids get drunk?”
Ishani replied  “ Even adults get drunk. She’s just a child.”
Tanvi asked “ What do you mean? “ Ishani said “Nothing! I am coming.”
Ishani arrived.
Ishani went towards Nysha and made her stand up.
Tanvi said “great! So obedient kid. She is not my sister but yours from now.“
Nysha went hiding behind Ishani.
Ishani said to Tanvi “ Stop it now tanvi.  “

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