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Kitne desperation se ye part khola hai aap sbne????


Aadvik wakes up. He saw the sunrays entering inside the room from the balcony.

He turned his face to look at Ishani, but she wasn't there. He directly stood up from his bed checking the time on the clock on wall. It was 7 :1 am.

He went towards washroom and knocks but the door opens with his knock as it wasn't closed from inside. He saw there was no one.

Aadvik thought " Where did she went?" He went outside the room.

Aadvik saw his dad on call. He asks " Dad, have you seen ishani?"

Aadvik's dad replied while keeping his phone on mute mode" What did you ask I didn't hear?"

Aadvik again asked " Dad, Have you seen Ishani?"

His dad laughed and said " Who is Ishani? Are you talking about my daughter or your..."

Aadvik replied while his hands scrathes on his neck " Dad! Have you seen my wife?"

His dad replied " Now it felt something proper!" and added " I haven't seen my wife from the early morning. How would I know about your wife?"

Aadvik replied " You wasted my time. You should simply told me that you don't know, dad."
And he went down the stairs.
And his dad said " Arey!!! Did i make him angry"

As soon as aadvik saw Ishani entering inside the house with his mom he stopped at his place itself.

And The moment his eyes went towards Ishani. He just got lost in her thoughts, everything around him started faded, he couldn't hear or look at anyone else.

Anika said sitting on couch" Aadvik bro! what are you doing standing here?"
Aadvik didn't even hear her.

Neel came with an apple in his hands from the kitchen. Anika pouts and glares at Neel.

Neel asked " What happened to you in the early morning? Result have declared or what?"

Anika replied " More worst . Aadvik bro is ignoring me."

Neel looked at Aadvik observed the situation and then replied to anika " Use you brain which is always busy on phone. Bhai is busy admiring bhabhiji."

Anika turned her face to look at Ishani and said " NO!!!!! its not right"

Neel replied " Now don't start nuisance that for bhabhiji, bhai cant ignore you and becoming the third wheel."

Anika stood up from the couch and folded her arms against her chest says " Oh acha ! then stop imagining your nuisance thoughts. Because I would never think anything like that"

Anika went in front of Aadvik and says " Bro, you haven't even freshen up yet. Go and don't let bhabes see you like this."

Aadvik still tilted his face to look at Ishani who was all dressed up in a beautiful dark green saree.

Neel replied to Anika while eating the apple " Its useless."

Aadvik's Dad came from behind and said loudly lookinh at ishani" Finally my daughter is here. My son was too much desperate for you."

Ishani and Aadvik's moms attention went towards his dad.

Anika said teasing " Bhabhes! Next time before you go somewhere , do inform your hubby once or else he would start finding you all over the house."

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