Yes or no?

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DD pov :

Ishani saw Aadvik was sitting on bed and has been busy working on laptop.

She said “ Mr. Mehta.”

Aadvik without looking at her replied “ Hmmm”

Ishani added “ Actually i want to say that today i am free”

Aadvik again replied “ Hmmm” without looking at her and busy typing in his laptop.

Ishani thought ” Is he really so busy? That he is not even interested in what i am talking about. I think i need to trick him now.”

Ishani said “ Actually na i have plans tonight.”

Aadvik “ Hmmm “

Ishani looked at him frustrated and said “ I am going to club at night with tanvi, that also alone. “

Aadvik didn't stop typing but realised what was she upto and he tried to tease her and again said “ Hmmm.”

Ishani went in front of him and said “ Mr. Mehta i will go alone with tanvi and it might get late.”

Aadvik didnt replied.

Ishani asked “ Are you even listening ? “
Aadvik tried to stop his laughter and said “ Ishani, i am a little busy because of business work. We will talk later”

Ishani said “ Aadvik ! Why dont you just simply love and marry your business work itself ? “ and added “ Since i confessed that our feelings are mutual. You dont seem to care anymore. And trying hard to get”

Ishani turned around and was about to walk when he kept his latop immediately aside and held her wrist by pulling her, making her sit on bed and grabbed her waist.
She shouted “ Leave your hands from me.”

Aadvik replied “You cant be angry at me. I was just joking with you. I heard each and every word of yours. But i was just trying to tease you a little bit.”

Ishani replied “ You always tease me, when will this end?”

Aadvik replied” I think so never, because i love you.”

Ishani asked “ What if i start to ignore you and call it as teasing? Will it be okay ? “

Aadvik smiled and said “ I wont let you ignore me .”

Ishani repleid “ what if i did?”

Aadvik replied “ I will be utterly clingy with you so that you dont even have a time to think that you have to ignore me.”

Ishani replied “ Where do you copy all these from ? “

Aadvik replied “ I dont need to copy, when it comes to you - it automatically comes without even trying. Because it comes from my heart for my love and thats one and only you. “

Ishani wraped her hands around his neck and asked “ How many girlfriends ?”

Aadvik replied ” Only one”

Ishani asked in curiosity ” Who?”

Aadvik replied “ You, in my dreams”

Ishani said “ What .” And added” You really didn't ever get into any kind of relationship?”

Aadvik replies “ No never.”

Ishani asked “ What about crush, liking, attraction or situationship? “

Aadvik replied smiling “ From the very start it was one and only you, ishani. I never looked at any other girl or thought of the way i felt for you - deeply in love.”

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