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For those who want to see the Karan and Tanvi love story now itself, I will recommend to you all - the main leads Arohi and Anant of Ideal match - As they will be an advanced version of Tanvi and karan.

enemies to lovers
Contract marriage
Arrange marriage

( Description:

Her " I never obey/listen to others" met

Him " I hate when someone don't obey me "

She is cold as ice while his anger is as fire. But will the ice melt with the warmth of his fire?

She had to marry him ( where their first meeting already happened, which was absolutely not on good terms before their family made them meet each other.) While Him who was ready to throw the money at her face to not let this marriage happen, something unexpected happened that he never thought of. And he agreed to marry her with a deal. )

For Ishani and Aadvik love story,

Another main lead of Ideal match - Ashvi and Alok are again the advanced version of our main lead couple .

Tropes :

Online friends and Love marriage)

( A promo : They were doing video call for the first time, and she hides her face while she cant stop giggling

Him : Ab aapka haske and sharma ke ho gya ho toh, chehra dekh le ?

Translation: If you are done with laughing and shying, then should we see each other's face? )

I will make a new novel for them and discuss Anika's and harshil love story in detail. But it will take some time to start with the further chapters, I will update about it on Instagram (once heart in london completes)


Also mainly in neel story , ishani and aadvik will be shown too as they both are brothers. But this novel will take time to start. Depends on how readers vote on this novel.

Promo(neel) : She rejects him saying " Bacha hai tu abhi ! - translation: You are a kid. "

Because he is one year younger than her.

Neel annoyed " Bacha !!!! Kuch aur bol dete ! "

( Translation: Kid !! You could've said something else)

And " Aise toh nahi rukne wala mein kuch bhi kar lo!

Translation: " I won't stop this way, do or say whatever you want.

These were the alternatives since many of you love the characters so much. I think it would be good this way as all the characters are covered .

My other novels :

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I will suggest most top as Ideal match and Heart in london because it will be same family drama and indian rituals. Rest is on your preferences💙💙💙


To all my readers (ie. Hottipie's), thank you to each and everyone for engaging and showering it with so much loveeeee.

I can say one thing - HDG was the reason that I didn't quit writing novels. I really appreciate and also glad that you all choose to stick with this novel, also along with me by patiently waiting for the updates.

I wrote this novel without any plan. When my YMS novel was not getting enough reach so I thought to try with a new one(a last try). But I was really going to write something else, but when I just started writing the plot, it turned out to be this amazing novel.

I never knew it would get so much love and support out of my other novels. But no doubt this novel was destined to reach you all. Because I never planned it, and that's the reason I gave it the name of her destined groom.

Her destined groom was the most loved and engaged novel. So, Once again thank you to all of you (my Hottiepies ) Thank you !!!

Love you all !!!!!

We will meet in part 2 of HDG. Stay tuned on my insta acc : divacreates_
I will mention there

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